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Upgraded to Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement?
Emil_f,Thanks for your response. Would you mind sharing the improvements? 
Upgraded to Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement?
Everyone will definitely rave about what they own. That is for sure. I just like to know what the improvements are. What is Coldfingers? 
$2500 Phono Stage Suggestions
In my opinion, switching gears around the same price range will change the sound, not necessarily improve the sound. You may need to spend twice the money you spent on what you already have to yield a meaningful upgrade. I hardly find any bad revi... 
How is LAMM LP2 compares to the more recent phono
I also own Lamm amps. I agree with Kurk_Tank that the LP2 is on the dark side. I would suggest you try out other current phonostages as many as possible. The current ones are more flexible so that you won't be limited to only a handful of cartridg... 
Contact Enhancer Deterioration
I have been using Caig products like Dexoit and Pro Gold and they work well. Just use them to clean contact every now and then and you are good to go. A bottle of this thing lasts for a long long time. 
Graham Phantom MK2 with Micropoise question
Oh I see. You are trying to get what VTA we use for the Raven and XV-1s? I had the XV-1s on a Clearaudio table before. Unfortunately, I never own a Raven. When I had the Clearaudio table, I set the arm nosing up a bit. But then my Graham arm was t... 
Graham Phantom MK2 with Micropoise question
I level the table first which is independent of the arm bubble level. The arm bubble level is for VTA adjustment. When the bubble is dead centered between the front and back lines on the Micropoise, that means, I assume, the arm is level to the pl... 
Amp recommendations for Revel Salon2
I am using Lamm M2.2 monoblocks with excellent results. these speakers are extremely revealing and very neutral. You are basically hearing the amps more than the speakers. So choosing proper amps is very critical. 
Go analog or upgrade digital
I think you may want to buy used vinyl gears and get some decent recordings to try out. If you like vinyl sound, then think about upgrade and other better analog components. If not, you can always get rid of them via Audiogon. Although expensive, ... 
Audiophile Addiction
We need to strike a good balance between this hobby and other things such as family. Whatever you do that is excessive would not be good to you. Like yin/yan, one is more than the other would upset the balance.I continue to upgrade the components ... 
Graham Phantom: Set Up Error Causes Skipping
Start with the cartridge recommended tracking force. Also check the VTA. When I had the PHantom I (now I have II), I needed to adjust the vTA (nose up) to avoid skipping that happened on one of the tracks in "Solar Energy". But this is cartridge d... 
Graham Phantom: Set Up Error Causes Skipping
Did you use the set up gauge that came with the tonearm? I think it is quite accurate. How about tracking force? Have you checked? 
Revel Studio versus Parsifal Encore
My friend used to have the Sarastro speakers. It was quite a challenge for him to set them up properly due to its rear firing woofers. Once set up right, they sound very nicely. The setup criticality should be similar to the Parsifals. Small room ... 
What decibel level do you listen at?
Around 85 - 95 based upon Radio Shack meter C-weighted. 
Bent Banana Plug
You can do it yourself if you are comfortable using solder gun to replace it. I believe Acoustic Zen will be happy to fix it for you at a reasonable cost or free of charge some times. Call them. Mr. Lee of AZ is a nice guy.