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long term components
I forgot to mention my own..a pair of the original advents for five years, then I doubled them for another three years 
T.H.E. Show 2010
it may be the way most of us can afford them now.....steal 
most articulate speaker
Jax,What then does an electrostatic do best? Is it more coherent sounding than horns or dynamic drivers? ..i.e., sound almost seamless? I'm not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand why electrostatics are worshipped by some. 
most articulate speaker
what I mean by articulate in this particular situation, is to be able to hear clearly the individual voices and the words they are singing, and also to hear the strings with more distinctness and texture. 
need CDP upgrade advice
My amp is a Jolida 1000RC if this helps in making any recommendations...I have Spendor S8e speakers and occasionally lug out the big old Klipschs for rock and roll. Thank you to those who have made suggestions. 
what do I change or upgrade?
its on herbies isocup/balls..looking for a good component shelf stand and then isolation under the amp and Lector...any suggestions? 
what do I change or upgrade?
I'd like to thank all of you for your suggestions...Shadorne,I've moved the speakers much closer and Arthur, I've also toed the speakers in per your suggestion. There is already a very significant improvement in clarity. The next step will be chan...