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SL1200G - Tonearm shape from side question for owners
dont try to sight the tonearm level.  use a small bubble level on top of the headshell. make sure the vtf is backed off temporarily to compensate for the mass of the level.    
A "Downgrade" that proved to be a spectacular "Upgrade" -------
Also I much preferred the sound of the Pass Labs XA25 over the Pass XA 30.8 amplifier.   The Audio Technica ART9 cartridge blows away the Soundsmith Zephyr mimc star es.      
A "Downgrade" that proved to be a spectacular "Upgrade" -------
Yes in subwoofers.  The SVS SB 3000 sounds better than a more expensive JL Audio and REL subwoofer that I had.    
Rogue CM II v Rogue CM III
be careful with speaker sensitivity.  i had a cmii with kt 120 tubes that could drive most speakers quite well.   the CM iii ships with kt88 tubes and i would not use it with speakers less than 89 db or so.   
Electronics for Harbeths -- $5-10K
Dudes the OP has a 40lb weight limit requirement.   @cundare2 can you go tube preamp solid state amp?   if so, try a Cary SLP 98 tube preamp with bypass and then a Bryston 3b3 power amp.  Each are under 40 lbs.  The Cary is super transparent wit... 
Benchmark or McIntosh....
I had two Benchmarks in my system for a while but just did not get along with them. They did not sound as refined as I prefer in the treble and were extremely midrange forward because they had such a dynamic range.  The midrange content like horns... 
Subwoofers: Ported or sealed?
Porting main speakers is a much different proposition than subwoofers with ported enclosures.   Biggest reason is the x-max is much less (distance a driver piston is allowed to travel) on main speakers and is easier to to control the motion with ... 
Amp recommendations for KEF R7 speakers
definitely a smoother aounding amp like McIntosh sounds best with the KEF R series.  They can sound metallic to some with the wrong amp.    
Tower Speakers Close to Back Wall
This is an area where KEF does really well.  The R5 towers will include three different port plug options- fully plugged, partially plugged or fully open.   With these options you will be able to find the best bass for your required position.    
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
used rogue audio RH 5 , headphone amp linestage. 2 tube followers adjustable gain. has balanced in and out not classic tubey but refined, super clear, dynamic driving sound and huge soundstage.    
Radical toe in once more
Finding the best sounding firing axis angle is something that really needs to be determined by experimentation (as well as overall speaker positioning!)  Are the frequency response measurement plots available for your speakers that show different... 
Tube Integrated With Clarity
I had a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and with upgraded NOS small tubes it sounded incredible, smooth, clear, atmospheric sound stage and plenty of power.   The kicker for me happened when I traded it in.  The dealer had been playing a set of HE s... 
Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?
@ibisghost  Depends on your speakers and your amplifier.   In my case it was worth the effort in a previous system.   I had floorstanders with dual 6-3/4 inch woofers that had their own set of speaker termminals.  They had another set of termin... 
Luxman vs Accuphase for Harbeth 40.3 XD
Pass Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier (moon-audio.com)    Better sounding than the Luxman IMHO with the Harbeths.  Better match tonally- the Pass has such a clean and clear midrange and low end authority. Class A gives on-demand dynamics and woo... 
Midrange Increasingly Harsh
Try switching the output taps on the speaker connections - If you are using the 8-ohm taps try the 4-ohm and 2-ohm.