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Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
@dcpillai   have not heard the LRS+ and Hegel.  I am not a fan of the sound of Hegel amplifiers- haven't heard a good one yet.    
Harbeth 30.2 or Falcon Gold Badge
The 30.2 XD are a step up in dynamics and scale from an LS3/5a speaker and are world class.   The only caveat is that they might be a bit too smooth sounding with an overly smooth amplifier like a Luman.  I demoed them with the new Luxman L 507z ... 
Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
I would seriously consider the Rogue Audio Pharaoh 2.  400 WPC at 4-ohms and a tube front end.   I heard a similar Rogue Audio setup with the LRS+ and the sound was full, smooth and amazing.    
my shortlist for integrated Harbethsuper hl5 plus xd - please advise
I had the SHL5+ paired with a Parasound a21+ and they sounded excellent together, the smooth, punchy Parasound sound is a perfect match for the Harbeth.  The Parasound house sound is represented in their integrated amp, the HINT 6.  At 240 watts ... 
Why Are There So Many Used Rogue ST-100's Being Offered For Sale?
People are dumping them because KT 120s are impossible to get for the foreseeable future. This is no indication of the amp’s sound quality which is really nice in all areas.  
How do you high pass your main speakers?
High passing the main speakers is something I would never consider. Your ATCs make excellent bass, why would you want to take that away from them? You can integrate subwoofers seamlessly without doing so.      
Question about wpc on tube amps
watts are watts but tube amps dont really create an ear screetching nightmare when they are over driven, they just run out of steam, especially in the bass.   for maggies there is not a tube amp in your budget that i would recommend.      
The most tower like stand mount under $4k
Look at stand mounts with a passive radiator or larger cabinet to give you a full sound and tower quality bass.   mofi sourcepoint 8 have a huge sound buchardt audio s400 has very good bass deftech D11 legacy audio calibre (used if possible, a... 
I need impedance help. Rogue RH-5 to Solid State Amp.
@nickrobotron  In that range check out the BelCanto e.One REF501S.   Balanced connections, 95Kohm impedance but more importantly an ultra smooth midrange and treble that will go together with the RH-5.  The RH-5 is dead on neutral and sounds bes... 
I need impedance help. Rogue RH-5 to Solid State Amp.
I had this preamp and it is super clear and has amazing drive and dynamics.  Specs schmecs.   my amp at the time had 23k input impedance and sounded fantastic.   what amps are you considering?     
which should I get Rogue RP5, Hegel P20, Belles Aria Preamp, Audible Illusion Modulus 3B
The Rogue tubes are harsh out of the gate but really smooth out nicely to a super refined sound.  Would have been my recommendation.   
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
Having owned a few KEF speakers you definitely want a smoother than average amplifier to provide complimentary sound, along with enough power at 4 ohms to avoid any thinning of the low end. A $ 2k budget is slightly challenging but this one will m... 
Rogue Audio. Reliability issues? Anyone?
owned a cronus mag 2 for 3 years, an RH5 preamp, RP7 preamp and Stereo 100 power amp.  the only issue i had was a slight delay in the startup of the 100, fixed quickly by the dealer tech.    
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
Chicken wings from Buffalo, NY.  The real deal.    
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)