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Harbeth 40.3's. Should I buy them?
I’d recommend big ProAc’s D48R sound amazing big and fast and visually not weird or ugly. You have the perfect amp for them ProAc’s love tubes! I’ve owned lots of speakers and I’ve always come back to ProAc’s! The D48R is the top of the response l... 
un-becoming an audiophile
I listen a lot in my car. I have an Audi that has an ok B&O system. Lots of music on my iPhone. Drive fast listen to music! At home I have a Naim Muso v.2 sounds ok. I try not to listen critically. I have a big system too. But I’m waiting for ... 
Female vocalist recommendations
Joni Mitchell  Sarah McLaughlin  Dido Imogen Heap  
Integrated amp recommendation
I think someone mentioned the Plinius I owned an 8200 , 8200mkll, 9200apl sound powerful and musical   
Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market
ProAc, but only if you love music 🎵   
Changes in my life, new system, need new speakers
ProAc .. Response DB1.. There's a pair on Audiogon right now for $2500  
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
Naim do.  
Cheapest but good cables….
I'd suggest Audience , OHNO III  
Why does rock concert sound suck?
Very few venues sound good. My favorite is the Beacon Theater in NYC..   
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
Might want to consider a Naim Super Nait 3, or Ayon Sprit V.. I have a Aesthetix Mimas..None of these are bright or edgy I’ve owned them all. Look at power cords. Shunyata’s Venom line is amazing for the price. Consider a good Power conditioner li... 
Power cords or power conditioner
I use a Shunyata Denali 6000s v.2 with Shunyata Alpha XC v.2 to the wall and Shunyata Alpha NR v.2 on everything else. Also use all Audience FrontRow for Speaker cables with FrontRow Jumpers, USB cable, and Balanced interconnect.  
Speaker Cable Connector Accepting 2 Pairs of Cable
Sorry my bad. The best ones I found are the Furutech FP- 202. The newer WBT’s won’t allow stacking  
Speaker Cable Connector Accepting 2 Pairs of Cable
And the purpose of adding another pair of cables?  
@jackhifiguy   As of today 8/1/22 the price of the DAVE is $14,000  If I were you I'd buy the Chord Hugo TT2..Give the rest to the wife to spruce up the bathrooms. When funds permit or a deal pops up buy the Mscaler.. Thats what I have and I'm ve... 
Just got a new Bluesound Node. Very disappointed!
OP you have a defective unit. I tried a Node2i , it sounded like a Sonos or any inexpensive Streamer.