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Schitt Yggdrasil Vs. Bluenode 2i (Shock!)
I run the Node 2i into the Yggdrasil A2/5 and it no way sounds the same as the Node 2i separate using its own internal DAC, it is a decent DAC using BB1505 chips and sounds good. I bought it specifically to run into my DAC to eliminate USB from a ... 
JAY'S Audio CDT-3-MK2 or PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
PS is coming out with a new model from their boards communication's 
bluesound node 2i with chord quest
I use the node 2i here wifi via a 3 piece eerO system it's been flawless at 230 Mbps download speed. Sounds very good into my Yggdrasil updated.I changed out that power cable for a Wireworld Electra mini.I use a Wywires Litespeed SPDiF cable to th... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
All Jessy J check her sax out. All Paul Brown All Brian Simpson. 
Why buy Bluesound Node2i vs. Marantz AVR for playing music from NAS or streaming services?
I use the node 2i to very good results into Yiggy 2.Change out the power cable and use a good coax SPDiF cable you be rewarded.You will not find a used Yiggy 1 or 2 for less than 1600. 
Not streaming yet
I'm using for the last 6 months an eero it has been flawless! 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
I would never send a "newbie" into an audio retailer without someone in the "know" with them. The original poster’s experience is what I have witnessed also. Sales people sitting around doing nothing when there are no optimized setups. All lazy st... 
Does my setup need a phono stage?
I always run an external Phono.I have a Clearaudio Emotion SE, CMB bearing,Carbon Satisfy Arm the last 5 yearsHighly recommend a Rogue Audio Triton "2" Phono Pre.Over the years I have had them all. MS, Jasmine, Heed Quasar, lots more.This is bette... 
used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?
Get a Rogue Cronus Mag II, US made, super cust service!Yes I'm a fan. 
Difference between Bluesound Node 2i and Cambridge CXN v2
I just put on a Wireworld mini Electra PC on a Bluesound Node 2i and it made a nice difference in a less harsh quality, to be expected with better power cables.I am not using the internal DAC. It’s going into my Yggdrasil /A2-5.Streaming with Qobu... 
BEST UPGRADE regardless of cost?
I agree, treat your room!The best upgrade I have done here. 
Bluesound Vault 2
I just purchased a Node 2i and it’s very nice.It is running it into a Yggdrasil A2/5 via SPDIF Wywires and I changed the PC to a Wireworld Electra Mini. I’m bowled over how this thing sounds. The wires are worth more than the 2i.Qobuz sounds very ... 
Power Cable for Yggdrasil DAC
I'm using all WyWires Silver series in my whole system so I use the Juice 2 power cable. Very nice! 
Rega, AT33PTG/II, Guns N' Roses and IGD
Any IGD on other records?I have the At33 PTG II for the last Year never any distortion. Beautiful tracker at 2 grams, tonearm pretty close to level.I use an Accutrac protractor by K Willis. For a Clearaudio Carbon Satisfy tonearm.It still sounds l... 
EAT E Flat
E Flat is still on their site and listed on Upscale Audio.Nice tables.