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Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
Alex has my Audio Karma cable cooker. All wires need a bit of settling.Considerably Better, should be for double the price of the Silver Series $800Platinum $1600 Retail.All nice cables!!! 
Rega RB300 Anti-skating problem
If you go over to Vinyl Engine this is discussed extensively in the older Rega threads. It was advised to turn the antiskate past the #3 mark to disenguage it.That is what I ran a RB300 at. I did rewire it with the Incognito kit.It was done correc... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
I had a Redgum RGI 120 ENR and it was the best solid state amp I had heard. Not very well known.WyWires silvers of course. Talk about slam, it had it. Should not have sold it. It was actually too much for my room. It made me treat my whole room.Cu... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
Awhile ago I had a borrowed pair of the Platinum interconnrcts didn’t comment in detail because it had been some time.But I remember thinking where did all the bass come from, they were on a Chord Cute DAC at the time. Very distinct bass, not a ba... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
WyWires , yes excellent!!!I run a complete "Silver Series" interconnects, speaker cables, as well as all Juice 2 PCs.I have a Silver Series Litespd SPDiF and a Platinum AES balanced to my YggdrssilYou could not go wrong with the Platinum interconn... 
Does anyone have a Schiit Yggy DAC?
Have had the Yiggy 3 years, now updated 8 months ago. On constantly never gets hot, never! Warm yes I'd say 85 degrees is about right. If this helps.My cable modem is hotter. 
Amp - preamp or integrated
Have you changed the tubes in the pre section? Very satisfying and worthwhile changes.What is your front end? table, DAC, etc? Look there for upgrades.Interconnects, speaker cables?And the biggie treatments.Yes I own the Cronus Mag II it'... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Vincent Ingala, Personal 
Phono Protractor. Recommendations?
Get a K Willis Accutrac arc protractor.He has them all ready to print and make up for most tonearms.Setup in 15 minutes and then tweak vta. 
Duelund 12AWG speaker wire sheathing
On and off I use the Duelund 16 ga as SC I made these with a 4 twist per footConstruction to keep together with BfA banannas. I like the convenience of connection.No coverings and shrink just on the ends. Looks fine. 
Rogue audio amp thoughts
I have the Magnum II for the last year and highly recommend it.With my special tube sauce it's really all I need.Very nice!I use the Rouge Triton phono, pirchased because I like Rogue qualities sound and build. This thing is under the radar, very ... 
Duelund RCA interconnects...opinions
I have the 20ga shielded and unshielded here both very good budget interconnects. Lots of discussion on the boards here. Also the 16ga used for speaker cable. Nice! 
USB vs SPDIF, which sounds better?
Now using a PS Audio Memory Transport into an upgraded Yiigdrasil SPDIFUsing a WyWires Litespd cable. This cable has a special quality to draw you in to listening. Its the best I have heard in  the last 3 years here on different DACs. Was using th... 
Cartridge alignment tool use this and it's excellent! 
SOTA vs VPI (or stick with my Rega?)
Check out Anvil tables out of Michigan.You don't hear much about them but very nicely made.I want one!