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Need recommendation for CD transport (not Cambridge)
I own the CXC for 2 years now.Never a skip or click into a Yggdrasil.Sound is very good!! 
Need help with covering for Dueland speaker wire
I sure wouldn't do that.The main or one of the ideas is it's natural cotton diaelectric.Go with a different cable is my advice. 
Who thinks $5K speaker cable really better than generic 14AWG cable?
Been chugging along with my Duelund cables. All for a little over $200.Nice stuff! 
Transport for Exogal Comet Plus DAC
I have the CXC transport for 2 years now and it sounds excellent on my Yggdrasil. Not a problem with cliking etc. The remote does not have direct access to tracks and it is big for functioning on other Cambridge products. So a lot of buttons don't... 
New Yggdrasil - First (and second) Impressions
gdhal, I had my Yiggdrasil in for repair, replacement of the 50ohm BNC board about 8 months ago and to be checked out.I was getting drop outs on SPDIF and BNC.  I though it odd also my return check list paperwork had the same crap on it. " externa... 
review iPhono 2
Since my last postings I have moved on from the iPhono2. I have to say I had no problems with it, It never ran more than warm.If it does there’s definitely a problem. No hum issues etc. I also had the SBooster PS. At the time of purchase My Heed Q... 
Please Recommend Transport + DAC for $5K total
The CXC is very good I use it with the Yggdarsil. It is Coax and OpticalI also have a very good Lifeatec Optical cable the Wywires Litespeed Dig cable is the Coax connection. You can connect both Opt and Coax from the DXD to the Yiggy and switch t... 
Is it worth adding a Schiit Audio Eitr?
You would be better off putting in the USB Gen 5 upgrade board to determine if you need the ISO Regen etc.I agree. So sick of all these decrapifier boxes the last 2 years and cost I'm going to add the board to the Yiigdrasil. 
New Yggdrasil - First (and second) Impressions
I heard the Oppo UDP 205 yesterday and in no way does it sound like the Yggdrasil. In fact I would prefer my Marantz SA15s2 I had to it in sound every way being a different purpose piece. I don't care for ESS chips configurations. The Oppo is a gr... 
Schiit Yggdrasil -- 21 bit?
Who is Harley? Exactly who Is Harley? 
Schiit Yggdrasil -- 21 bit?
Quite awhile ago Jason explained all this in his "Schiit Happened"Book he has on line at Head Fi. Too long to go through to provide an exact link. They sold a ton of these and are still selling well. Don’t like don’t buy it!You got Atkinson saying... 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
Check out Raven Audio out of Texas. 
Tube Rolling for Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2
I am also running a Cronus Mag 2 with a Millard cv4003 and 2 Tele 12au7, also tried 3 Tele in all 3 positions but like the 4003 in the middle. Using KT 120s.This is a very very nice integrated!! 
Hegel vs Rogue
I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum ll with Usher cp6371 along with the Yiggy and it's a great combo. In no way shape or form is the bottom end loose!Everyone will have their own opinions when a question like that is asked.You need to listen in your sy... 
Marantz TT-15S1 anyone with experience fitting an electronic speed box?
I'm using a Clearaudio Emotion SE similar to the Marantz.I have the Phoenix Falcon PS and it works very nice!!! Too bad he closed shop.Ya just have to find one.