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How to order custom platter?
Frank is from Groovetracer and he does custom work too. 
Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II Questions
That I where I got mine. Just make sure the cantilever is straightmine was some had problems but since had been replaced by LPGear. Nice Cart for the $297 price.They are a AT authorized Dealer so AT would honor the warranty anyway. 
How to order custom platter?
Well, I don't know why you want to change the platter unless you want to go Delrin like The Groovetracer platters for Rega.Or is the Delrin is already on the Performance DC?In any Case, for the price with a dimensional drawing Frank can make anyth... 
Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II Questions
A little late to posting.I am using a AT OC9ML MKII in my Carbon Satisfy arm and it does sound excellent. May I suggest a Vista Audio Phono Pre.Excellent sound for $300 fully adjustable. 
What brand did you leave Rega for?
I just sold a totally upgraded P5 for a Clearaudio.The speed never bothered me too much on the Rega till I heard the correct speed on my Clearaudio which has much better tone and pace. The Satisfy arm is better too.No more Rega's especially new on... 
Upgrades or a different table?
I had owned a blown out totally upgraded P5 for 3 years.GT Su-platter, GT Delrin, Michell Technoweights, Dual White belts on Lim dual pulley, TTPS, Dyna 10X5, Limm feet etc. it was excellent! I wanted to change (nuts) so I sold it as is. The buyer... 
help with RP6 setup
I have owned a lot of Phono Pre's going over $1.5k over the last 3 years.The Jasmine is very nice but not as nice as the Vista Audio Phono 1 for $300 ! It is almost infinitely adjustable. There are much better settings for cartridges other than th... 
Calling all owners - Jasmine LP 2.0 MKII
I also have the Jasmine LP2.0MKII. No problems the last 6 mo. at all, sounds mighty fine too. I had been through quite a few Phono Pre's. This replaced a Musical Surroundings Nova also a very good Phono. I had ran a Denon DL103R on the MC High gai... 
Riggle Vtaf w/Rega P9 & RB1000. Good idea or not?
Watercourse, can you close the dust cover using the VTAF?I also have a P5 maxed out but I don't think I would use a mat of any sort on the Groovetracer Acrylic platter that I use with a TT Weights clamp. This works very well. I hear no problems wi...