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Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
Revolution 9 on The Beatles' "white album" [he says, flinching, waiting to get head taken off)]. It's the longest track the Beatles ever released and a total distraction from an otherwise perfect album. Thanks Yoko. ;) 
Great lost lps...the 80s....synth pop and others..
Gary Numan! 
Survey-What is your most used source?
100% Squeezebox v3 
Why Do You Still Have Vinyl if You Don't Play it?
I have plans to do that very thing. I just haven't gotten around to it. Having those tunes on hand like all the other music in the house will be real nice, not to mention the peace of mind knowing that it's *finally* been archived after 100 years! 
Why Do You Still Have Vinyl if You Don't Play it?
Let me add that I have a relatively large collection of 78's dating from the early oughts (or is it aughts?). These I will *not* be getting rid of, if not solely for historical reasons. There's something about these discs and the music on them tha... 
Great films where music is a central theme.
24 Hour Party People 
Why Do You Still Have Vinyl if You Don't Play it?
I feel I don't really have the authority to say this, but it's my opinion, none the less...Ditch it. The only regrets you may have - at least at this point, after you've pretty much come to your own conclusion - might be the sentimental value of a... 
What Product Did You Overspend On?
New vinyl. 
Best rock song of all times
Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" 
Is Kind of Blue the Best Jazz Album Ever
No. It's clearly Bill Evans' Explorations. ;) 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Pierre Bensusan 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Kat Edmonson - "Take to the Sky" 
What is the best Beatle Song
The entire second side of Abbey Road, which I've always thought of as one long song (okay, maybe more of a suite). 
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
The Pogues - "Lorelei" 
Soundstage depth and width
I just received a pair of brand spanking new Tekton Lores last Wednesday... I loved the Arros' I had back in '06 (most holographic image ever, as I've stated), the Cicada's I had shortly there after (for piano and acoustic guitar I didn't think th...