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Looking for a DAC for the Squeezebox Touch
I'm running a Musical Fidelity V-DAC (battery powered) with my Squeezebox v3. Sounds pretty darn good to me. 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
I don't want to break the "5" rule, but I simply must add three more...THE WHITE STRIPES @ Rudyard's (Houston), 2001- This was their debut tour, and the show was to an audience of maybe a hundred. Powerful stuff in a rockin' little venue.JETHRO TU... 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
In no particular order...PINK FLOYD @ Rice Stadium, 1994- This is the show where they played in the rain until everything blew up. The storm rolling in with lightning in the clouds, and then the lasers reflecting off the rain resulted an amazing e... 
Best Digital RCA cable under $100 new or used?
I second the DH Labs D-75 suggestion. 
Have 300b MB want a killer pair of Hi-Eff speakers
Klipsch Cornwall 
"Best" DAC for a grand or less
I'm not going to say "it's the best for a grand or less" - and a certain someone in this thread will cringe (KB, I never did get rid of the thing) - but...The little MF V-DAC I purchased some time ago is still doing it's job in my system, and doin... 
Best TT for the buck?
I used to suggest a Technics SL-1210 MkII, but...My brother in law got a Marantz TT-15S1 recently, and for what he paid (used) I would say it's got one serious bang-for-the-buck factor. 
HELP I Lost My Phono Preamp Transformer
Your favourite cartridge
Ortofon VMS-30 MkII 
Records weights or pucks -heavy or light?
I know this isn't exactly an answer, but if I were you I would get the Pro-Ject Puck-It and be done with it. It's cheap, is neither too heavy nor too light, will look nice with your table, and - to me - feels of high quality for the price. 
WAV versus FLAC
Ted,Pardon my smart-A, "...they are, in fact, compression methods..." response.I need to get a slew of various formats lined up and just run through them and *really* listen, even if just for the pure heck of it; I'm curious to see if I can discer... 
WAV versus FLAC
Let me add that MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and Apple Lossless are all compression methods, but when *de*compressed, FLAC, WMA and Apple Lossless end up being the same bit rate as an *un*compressed WAV file... Hence "uncompressed is lossless is uncompres... 
WAV versus FLAC
Sorry folks, I suppose I'm just sick of the veritable splitting-of-hairs about something like a lossless file format. And no, Tedmbrady, MP3 and AAC are not uncompressed; they are, in fact, compression methods. And yes, both are quite lossy. When ... 
WAV versus FLAC
Uncompressed is lossless is uncompressed. 
Replace VPI TNT rubber belt with nylon thread
Just for kicks I went out and got some elastic thread, as my prevoius attempts to use silk and nylon thread resulted in lots of slipping. Why do I even want to try this? Purely for said kicks. I'm just plain curious to see if I can actually hear a...