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Best oil/lubricant for LP12 bearing
Thanks guys - I'm going with the Linn oil.Cheers. 
Bellari VP129 thoughts/experiences?
Call me impatient, but I went ahead and picked one up (it's on the way).It may turn out to be just as Bdgregory states: unremarkable. I just need something to amplify the cart and give me line level gain (i.e. I've got no pre-amp, period).I mean, ... 
Good cartridge for unipivot arm?
Well, I ended up going with an NOS Ortofon VMS 30 MkII, per another user's suggestion.Once I receive it, and get everything setup, I'll let you know how it sounds.Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.~mjm~ 
Good cartridge for unipivot arm?
Thanks to all of you - keep the responses coming.Cheers,Mark 
My current Benz-Micro ACE low or Koetsu Black?
Thanks a ton for all of your advise.Ready for this? I used to have a Horizon - what an awesome table! Don't ask me how I ended up with the Moth (seriously, don't), but now I'm kinda stuck with it (hence my system being in the "Budget Minded" secti... 
Turntables less than $1000 Recommendations ?
Nottingham Analogue Studio's Horizon.It's a bit over a grand, and that doesn't count the cart., but it's a truly wonderful 'table.Good luck!~M~ 
Pin out on Benz Micro ACE Low Red
Sweeeeeet, you guys rock - so quick to respond.Thanks a ton!Cheers, Mark 
Personal amp evolution
01. Optonica integrated (1987 @ 14 years of age)02. McIntosh MC2100/MX11303. Carver integrated (above McIntosh blew up)04. Sony receiver (WAF-influenced purchase)05. Audio Innovations ai500 EL34 (my first tube integrated!)06. Rega Brio (WAF-influe... 
Noise in left channel of Audio Innovations ai500
Heyyyyyyy, wadaya know! I noticed that (uhem) I had an ECC83 where, uh, (uhem) an ECC88 was supposed to be.I've since re-tubed the whole thing with Pearl cryo'd SED 6L6GCs in the power section and Sovtek 6922s in place of the previous ECC88s and f... 
Noise in left channel of Audio Innovations ai500
Hmmmm (no pun intended) I shall check into this.Thanks Newbee,Mark 
Beogram 3000 linear tracking worth resurecting?
Okay, now you guys don't all start pummeling me at once here...I recently sold my [IMHO very wicked, once properly set up] Nottingham Analogue Studio Horizon/RB300/Grado Ref. Plat. in order to purchase something I had basically pop into my head - ... 
MONOmaniacal advice requested vinyl question
Here's one last one for you:, Mark 
MONOmaniacal advice requested vinyl question
Here you go - now that's MONOlithic! a good one, Mark