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Ayre owners and preamp options: seeking advice
The Twenty is the only choice. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
@ksattic   That’s the way to do it - listen. I was just pointing out that FPGA DACs are not a Chord exclusive - several other manufacturers use FPGAs for the heavy lifting in their DACs (such as by EMM Labs in my digital gear and also MSB and dcs ... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
@ksattic You shouldn't believe marketing.  They aren't the only ones doing it nor are they even the first.  I'm sure the DACs are nice but there are much better. 
Blade 2, Sabrina, Fact 12, Sopra 2 or Scala ?
Between the Focals, it sounds like you're making the right call.  My Focal dealer tells me he's moving the Sopra 2s out as fast as he can get them in - there must be something special about them.  Would advise staying away from the Scalas - they h... 
Racks: Box Funriture vs Sistrum
Based on my experience with audio points I can only echo what the poster above said about my speakers now being much clearer and sounding "louder" and that is only using the audio points themselves.  I would expect that the Sistrum stands would b... 
Has anyone had experiences good or bad with speaker isolation or isolation in general ?
@jhills Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  As you opined, on a tile on concrete solid floor, I have had the best success for my speakers from spiking to the floor.  I have found that spikes do also matter - the Audio Points I am currently using a... 
What is most important part of a system?
Isn't the premise of this whole thread faulty?  That a single component will make a system worth listening to.  For example, I often see expensive speakers paired with average components as if the speakers are going to magically make the system wo... 
@asamuelson it’s because MIT owners generally don’t go around cheerleading their cables like users of some other brands on these forums (not to mention the various clowns like the guy posting above who love to hate on MIT). Don’t take a lack of pe... 
HRS M3X vs Granite slab on HRS Nimbus?
The nimbus spacer should never be in direct contact with the granite. In any case, I don’t think your proposal works. Direct coupling the granite to the floor would defeat much of the purpose and the nimbus couplers/spacers are not designed for th... 
Too Much Power?
I ran my Altos with MX-R monos which are rated for 300W and double down into 4 and 2 ohms.  Never had an issue.  You'll be fine. 
dCS Rossini vs. Berkeley Reference dac 2
You aren't doing something right then. 
Speaker Upgrade: Focal Maestro vs. Avalon Time
Well, I guess I was asking too much assuming someone had not only compared the two speakers but in both music and HT environments.I put a deposit down on the Maestros after speaking with my Avalon dealer who is a good friend of mine.  While he fel... 
Speaker Upgrade: Focal Maestro vs. Avalon Time
Sorry, have seen the Sopra line up at my dealer but have not gotten a chance to sit down and listen to them. 
D'Agostino vs. Ayre
@aardvarkbark  You are the only person I've heard ever make that complaint.  Ayre's service is second to none. I've called them many times and they've always been helfpful (and honest even when it's an answer they know I'm not going to want to hea... 
Chord Dave or Ayre QX5 Twenty DAC???
Congrats.  Enjoy - I expect that you will be very happy with that setup.