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The most logical partner is the NS1 streamer that you can connect via electrically isolated glass fiber.  Is there a reason you're not auditioning that with the DV2. 
Heard the Computer Audio Design GC1
Just get in touch with CAD via their website - they'll either direct you to a dealer or will offer direct. 
got to visit Ayre yesterday
@gdnrbob. Michael retired some time ago. Great guy, I always enjoyed speaking with him. 
How I tamed digital glare.
@elizabeth Pretty much.  The final step that removed it from the discussion in my system were the CAD Ground Control units.  Apparently, high frequency noise is the enemy when it comes to digital.  Not cheap, but couldn't imagine my system without... 
Taking Power Conditioning to the Max?
@steakster Just wanted to say thanks for that perfect description of what happens when power quality goes to pot.  You saved me some time today describing exactly that to a person via email. 
Focal Utopia Scala V2 or Persona (9H/7F)
If you want to start discussing value then that’s a tangential discussion where there is going to be a lot of divergence.   I’m also not sure such discussion is of any value unless someone has articulated a hard budget and that becomes a primary f... 
Dealers and exaggerated treble
Unfortunately,  if you don't know much or are just getting into the hobby this can happen.  Otherwise, there's no excuse for a bad demo - it's on you for not asserting yourself.  It doesn't matter what the dealer thinks sounds good - do your homew... 
See you in six months to a year when you decide you just need to tweak one more thing... 
Shunyata Triton V3 a step up or good alternative to PS Audio P15?
I've owned both versions of the Denali 6000 as well as the Triton v3.  There is nothing about either that brings to mind brightness.  If you're using any of the above and have brightness, you have bigger problems.  The performance of the Shunyata ... 
D’Agostino Momentum stereo vs D’Agostino Progression Stereo Amp
@blueskywalker It sounds like your speakers are 8ohms nominal and they have high sensitivity so I would think the Ayre MX-R Twenty will handle them fine. It’s only where you have a speaker like mine that you absolutely need a monster amp into 2 oh... 
D’Agostino Momentum stereo vs D’Agostino Progression Stereo Amp
@blueskywalker The progression monos were in the shop as well, but I didn’t have the space for them so didn’t take a listen. However, during my multi-day audition of the M400s, another buyer with Alexxes I think came in who didn’t want to pay for ... 
D’Agostino Momentum stereo vs D’Agostino Progression Stereo Amp
If you check my system page you can read a brief comparison of the momentum and the Ayre monos (should be similar to the S250, just more power).I had multiple cases of the original Ayre (non twenty) mono main board going bad after about 1.5-2 year... 
MORE Esoteric problems
Glad you’re happy but that’s still madness for a brand that big in a country as big as the US not to be able to service units in country. While I can somewhat understand historical models where they might not have appreciated customer dissatisfact... 
Has anyone tried the Oppomod clocks?
I don't see that Oppomod mods the RCA outs? 
Has anyone tried the Oppomod clocks?
@millercarbon  What mods do you have and what Oppo model?