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APL HiFi new DAC DSD-MR and DNP-SR Streamer - Amazing review
The review is the typical useless fawning without any real comparison to other similarly prices units. Not sure how it convinces anyone to drop $50k+. 
Shunyata Denali Power Cord
Shunyata's position is the the NR cords don't really add anything on the Denali and the Triton and that all you need are the EF cables.  To make that point, they were running a promotion a while back where you would get a free Sigma EF cable with ... 
High End SS Preamplifier Ayre, EMM Labs, ML, or Pass
@tomic601  Concur; it's going to be very difficult to upstage the Ayre KX-R Twenty based on what the OP is looking for.  ML isn't in the ballpark and even the D'Agostino Momentum pre was clearly outclassed in comparison.@blindjim Have you heard th... 
@itsjustme Very good advice.  Not figuring that out probably accounts for a majority of the constant component switching audiophiles undertake.  Having said that, it's something hard to do without experience. 
Mark Levinson 326s vs Ayre K5xeMP
@Intim The 326S is not comparable to the KX-R Twenty, it’s not even in the same ballpark as I mentioned earlier. It’s relatively closer to the KX-R but loses to the KX-R in respect of all aspects of performance, what I recall in particular was tha... 
Mark Levinson 326s vs Ayre K5xeMP
The 326S is a very good preamp; I owned one for many years.  It's also the best designed preamp in terms of user interface I have ever used or tried.  Having said that, the Ayre KX-R was clearly better and it's not even in the ballpark of the KX-R... 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
@lalitk Emm Labs DA2 is one such DAC that can END your quest. Not if your goal is for digital to sound like vinyl.  The DA2 is a SOTA DAC that makes music sound like music.  But it certainly doesn't sound anything like vinyl or else I wouldn't o... 
Why so many used focals?
@contuzziMagico A3. The speaker for someone who wants a Magico but can’t afford it. They are selling a lot based on that. Not that they’re bad, just that they’re getting lucky people have that expectation bias going into a listening session with t... 
What responsibility does a seller have to tell a customer an item has been serviced?
I'm not understanding what the undisclosed repair has to do with anything.  It sounds like there was no issue with unit operation.   
Power conditioner and high end power cord
So you play your low powered system quietly. Good for you. For those with high power systems and are not listening to elevator music, then any power conditioner on the power amps is an issue.  
Power conditioner and high end power cord
@gdnrbob My experience is similar; while for lower draw amps there might be little downside to using a power conditioner,  a high draw amp will be choked by a power conditioner no matter the quality and irrespective of reviews claiming otherwise. ... 
Why so many used focals?
I'm not sure why we're discussing Focal speakers of yesteryear that aren't really relevant anymore.  If you're actually interested in top notch performance, Focal starts with Kanta, moves up through Sopra and ends with Utopia.  And you'll be lucky... 
Avalon Acoustics?
@missioncoonery   You're right on the money.  I remember a few years ago the price for Isis speakers which was already substantial jumped 50% in a couple of years for no apparent reason.  Avalon prices now aren't even in the ballpark of being comp... 
Using an external word clock with Esoteric cd/sacd players
You're not limited to an Esoteric model.  Several Esoteric owners use cybershaft clocks, for example. 
Why so many wilson alexias for sale
Because Wilson has (had?) an excellent upgrade program from the Alexia to the Alexia II and many Alexia owners jumped on it.