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Focal Sopra 2
@dmk_hifi not at all.  It's there to tweak the sound from the tweeter.  Focal thinks it sounds better that way; obviously, others disagree.  There is nothing dangerous about the tweeter in its current form.  In fact, the earlier generation of Utop... 
How much better is direct BNC vs adapter
You should be doing BNC to BNC that is a proper 75ohm with an RCA adapter. 
Upgrade SACD/CD player from DCS Puccini to better DCS, Esoteric or EMM Labs?
The D’Ag Momentum preamp has tone controls. 
Upgrade SACD/CD player from DCS Puccini to better DCS, Esoteric or EMM Labs?
There is no EMM Labs transport available for sale so if you’re looking for a combo that’s out.  In any case, EMM Labs is the opposite of analytical sound.I understand that Esoteric has gotten less analytical recently but based upon my experience, ... 
Insider or Outsider? To be or not to be,...?
Are the insider forums limited to actual enthusiasts or will we still have to deal with dealers there too? 
“Oppomod” linear power supply
@ptssYes, you can clearly hear the difference even with excellent conditioning and ancillary components.  With my 203, I'm using a Shunyata 6000/S line conditioner, VH Audio Airsine PC, MIT Oracle digital cable to my EMM Labs DA2 DAC and the unit ... 
cd player that forgives bad cd recordings
What the OP is asking for doesn't make much sense - not sure how a CD player can convey some semblance of accuracy while being romantically inaccurate on poorly recorded material.What OP should look into is a preamp with tone controls - I believe ... 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
That message also makes me wonder about their ability to service players going forward. 
Oppo 205 modification
That was exactly my point. For movie playback, those are the mods that will make the most difference. I’m not quite clear what you are referring to - you keep talking about modding an HDMI output. There are no mods for the HDMI output itself - the... 
Oppo 205 modification
@caphillI’m using my 203 for only movie playback - I only use the primary HDMI and audio is SPDIF out to my DAC.The improvements that made a difference (in the order magnitude of improvement):Digital only power supply (meaning the whole analog boa... 
Oppo 203 setup/tweaks
If you're using an Oppo 203, the best upgrade you can make - and the first place you should look - is to replace the switching power supply (SPS) with a linear power supply (LPS).  It's a 15 minute direct swap with a screwdriver and no "tweak" wil... 
What's happened to the used high end market recently?? Sales are tough....:0(
I've been really disappointed trying to sell here recently.  Even where items are massively discounted, no interest.  Coupled with the charge just to list, it just doesn't make much sense. Conversely, have been able to sell elsewhere within one to... 
Oppo 205 and external DAC?
Maybe I'm missing something but why would you use the analog out as opposed to the digital output to an external DAC?  Sounds like a formula for degraded performance.  
Oppo Ceasing production
@garybx If you're simply using the Oppo as a transport to a DAC, you'd be better off with the 203 and swapping out the switching PS with a digital linear PS (~$200.  A straight swap - about 15 min of work, mostly to open up and close the Oppo, the... 
Alto Utopia to Scala Utopia V1, worth the difference?
Yes, the Alto Be is not in the same class as the Scala; I've had both.  Take the Scala and enjoy.