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Transparent MM2
I stand corrected. 
Dynaudio Sapphire
With regard to the bass, it just depends on what type of music you listen to. Generally, for most rock, pop, rap and the like I didn't have any issue with the bass. However, when it came to adequately rendering a piano, for example, it was utterly... 
Comparison Cary 306, Wadia 581, EMM Labs CDSA
Is this the edition with the CD mechanism that isn't practically guaranteed to fail? Meitner needs to understand that performance doesn't matter if the unit's not reliable; when it's down you're getting no performance. In any case, considering the... 
Wilson Maxx2 or Aerial 20T
What is it that you're looking to improve upon from the 20T? 
For Surrounds - B&W DS8 or B&W 805S?
If you have the cash, the 805S with their stands would be the preferred option from a performance standpoint. 
Esoteric P5/D5 Opinions please
That makes a lot more sense. In any case, the P-05/D-05 is probably going to move a good amount of units for Esoteric as the price tag is significantly more palatable than the P-03/D-03 and in comparison to the X-01D2, it's aesthetically more refi... 
Dynaudio Sapphire
My personal experience is that the Sapphire is a fantastic speaker but it's LF limited and from what I understand, outside the US at this point, the allocation is sold out/extremely difficult to source. imo, the only speaker that I've heard that D... 
Isolation Devices for Digital
I don't know what keeping the energy "inside" a component is all about; is that the magic dust? You'll find that as far as dirt cheap vibrational treatments go, Cardas Myrtle wood blocks generally won't do harm and will, in most cases, make an imp... 
Esoteric P5/D5 Opinions please
Am I reading that right, the P-05/D-05 is the second coming?!? 
Transparent MM2
It's not out yet so probably no ;) 
Has Anyone heard The Wadia 581i se CD player?
Nope, no Esoteric; it'll be the same transport as the 581. The 781 should be shipping towards the end of next month if all goes according to plan. 
Revel Salon 2 versus WP 8
Why are you trying so hard to defend your purchase and disprove another person's opinion. You guys disagree; leave it at that as it's quite obvious neither of you are about to come over to the other side. 
B&W 803d vs. B&W 804s - Fast Input
I've had both relatively recently for extended periods (purchased the 804S lived with them for about six months and then upgraded to the 803D lived with them for about six months and have now moved on) and it's not even close. The 803D is in a who... 
Esoteric P5/D5 Opinions please
Smart move and concur on your expenditure priorities. If you're happy with the emmlabs sound then there's no reason to buy a new DAC. I've integrated my two channel a/v setup with my two channel audio system with no ill effects - I run the spdif o... 
Platform recommendations for my CDP...
What is reasonably priced to you? HRS has recently come out with lower end platforms if they're in your pricerange. Based upon the performance of the M3, they should be something.