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Mark levinson 30.5 and 31.5 vs todays cd playerrs
Having just sampled the last 390S to come off the production line at Madrigal before EOL, it was obvious to me that the 390S is dated in terms of music reproduction. While it may be a decent deal at its used price, in terms of performance it was b... 
Revel new Ultima2 Salon have you heard it ?
Finally heard the new Studios today. Front end was an Esoteric UX-01, Levinson 326S pre and Halcro amps with all Transparent Reference cabling and Shunyata PCs into a Transparent PowerIsolator 8. Bottom line, Revel nailed it. They sound like much,... 
bi-wire speaker cables with single wire spkeakers
Don't know how Cardas terminates their cables but one of the nice features of my MIT cables is that you can just swap out the termination such that you have one pair spades and the other banana so they both fit nice and snug in a single set of bin... 
dolby digital plus
It really isn't something to be excited about imo. From the one mix where I was able to compare it directly to DTS (HD DVD of Chronicles of Riddick) it was handily outclassed at the same bitrate by the DTS mix. In any case, it's a lossy codec and ... 
One cdp into two amps
Then you should be golden. Enjoy. 
Whatever happened to Straight Wire?
They're still around as my B&W dealer carries them. As to innovation, they might as well be dead. 
Isolation devices and CDPs
As always, the whole system is important; in this case, the subsystem. For example, the HRS components that I'm using deal with external structure vibration (M3 bases), internal component vibration (Nimbus products) and airborne vibration (Damping... 
One cdp into two amps
Are you sure that the digital out and the analogue outs are live at the same time? 
One cdp into two amps
Of course, the real question is whether both the digital out and the analogue outs are live at the same time. 
One cdp into two amps
Shouldn't be; I know some CDPs, like Wadia, have a note int their manuals specifically noting that both the XLR and RCA analogue outputs are live at the same time. 
Wadia 581 versus Sony XA9000ES for redbook CD?
Sorry, have yet to hear the Sony unit. 
How many hours weekly do you listen to your system
20-35 hours a week depending on whether I can stay out of the office on the weekends. 
Revel new Ultima2 Salon have you heard it ?
Can't wait to hear with Studio2 next year when Revel *finally* starts shipping the Ultima2 series worldwide. 
Wadia 581 versus Sony XA9000ES for redbook CD?
Or maybe they simply aren't in the same league that someone would bother comparing them? 
DAC with Word Clock Output
Esoteric D-01; D-03; and D-05. Wadia 27ix and 9 series (931/921) but afaik the "clocklink" feature on the Wadias is proprietary (i.e., you can't use a non-Wadia transport).