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budget digital coax
Very happy with the Silver Serpent. 
Power conditioners .... improve VIDEO?
It's pretty shocking until you see it; improvements in image depth, noise, colors and black levels. The level of improvement depends on how bad the signal is in the first place, but improvements are obvious even with high def media. If you can swi... 
Audioquest cables?
Try the Audioquest Rockefeller speaker cables, from what I've heard they'll do what you want. 
Audioquest cables?
Concur, dynaudios are typically known for their analytical nature and tight bass. The bass issue sounds like a front end issue and the newer copper Audioquest cables are generally very smooth cables that aren't detail monsters while being solid in... 
Mark Levinson 32 and reliability
fyi, production of the No. 32 has been terminated, it is now a legacy product/retired. 
Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 impressions? 
Favorite reviewer?
Harley by far; doesn't hurt that I agree with his calls on the gear I've tried. 
Jeff Rowland 201´s or Ayre V-5 X
The Citadels are essentially Ayre amps as Charles Hansen was behind the core design that Theta ripped from the dreadnaught. 
Power Cord Revelation
I don't have an explanation per se but I can concur with your results. While I'm not a cable critic as you can see from my system, I nevertheless failed to see the logic in spending money on power cords as the components I bought all have substant... 
Wadia CD players direct to power amps opinions
You can see the system I'm using below. I just tried this comparison again earlier this week to see if maybe I was giving direct an unfair shake (I had compared the two setups in Q1 of this year using different components with the same CDP and con... 
What is your most beautiful component?
No need to put sound aside; Ayre MX-R Mono Amplifiers. 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
Posters who claim a component makes their system sound like a real/live performance and then after that component receives an update claim that the updated component is now somehow more real than before. Which invariably leads to the expected resu... 
master clock with single-box player
That makes perfect sense as in a one box CDP everything is right there and optimized versus a Transport/DAC setup. 
Dream State Audio LUCID DREAM pc IS IT THE BEST??
I already put in my order. 
Power Conditioners/Voltage regularts for 230v
Welcome to Europe? Guess you're gonna hate that $6 gas and the $800 Xbox 360 et al. Besides, no surge protector, much less one retailing for $500, is going to protect an audio system without degrading its performance.