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Most helpful audio companies
Ayre and Transparent. They go out of their way to help and make you comfortable regarding any questions, etc. 
Which Cable Makes the Biggest Impact?
To prioritize is not to appreciate that cabling and the system itself are part of a whole. One thing that my latest system building exercise has taught me (going on 9+ months now) is that it all matters; you can't properly appreciate any cable wit... 
Any previous Wadia users?? Or did everyone move?
I listened around and nothing made me even think about going another way. The Wadia 861se w/GNSC Statement Modification is everything I need in a CDP.The reason that you don't hear more about Wadia is that they've been pretty inactive regarding ne... 
Krell cast cables - Fakes, knock offs, counterfeit
It's highly unlikely that there's enough of a demand for the authentic cables given the limited market to warrant energy being taken up in counterfeiting such cables. 
Ever hear a power cable make a huge difference?
Isn't the fact that a power cable is making a "huge difference" indicative of issues in the rest of the system it's being used in, particularly where it's changing the sound of such system (as opposed to lowering the noise floor, etc.)? 
B&W 805D
I'd be surprised if the dealer wouldn't allow you to swap the Classe out. When I bought my first pair of N804 in NYC, I was swapping in everything including my dealer's used gear (from lines they didn't sell new) and when I bought my 804S I brough... 
B&W 805D
There you go, Audioquest Sky. Silver cables, das is no goot. Stick with copper. Also, personally, not impressed by the Classe as that's what my dealer was pairing with the 80xD series. 
B&W 805D
What you're hearing is the front ends that are being used. The 80xD series sounds like absolute crap at my dealer (ear bleeding crap for that matter) and yet my 803D speakers sound nothing like that. The sound of the 80xD series reflects whatever ... 
B&W 805D
What are you talking about? The diamonds are about as non-fatiguing as you can get. Anyway, we tried to retrofit some diamond tweeters into the demo 805S at my dealer's shop several motnhs ago and while there were issues as the speakers are not ma... 
B&W 805D
Not coming anytime soon. 
A butt-load spent in cables - how much improvemt?
Depends, as always, on the system. On my recent interim system consisting of my current Wadia, an Ayre AX-7e and B&W 804S speakers (no isolation gear or any of the other stuff I have now) I was using all kinds of low end cable with no issues (... 
Cayin H80A or Ayre AX-7e
They AX-7e is an exceptional unit and at the pricepoint, it's pretty much a downright steal (assuming your CDP is balanced). My only complaint is that the passive pre-amp section is a little veiled. The amp section on the other hand is beyond repr... 
You've got a lovefest happening over in another thread: 
803D vs 801N
They're not. The diamond tweeter and improved bass are miles better than the old 80x nautilus range of any flavor. 
Wadia 581i using as a pre any good
You have discovered the importance of impedance matching. One of the things I love about the MIT Magnum MA interconnects is the variable impedance. While I know which will sound best, I always like to try out all the settings to make sure the real...