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Shunyata Anaconda CX power cord - Ok to use on 240 VAC?
Absolutely fine.  I've used my Anaconda CXs for years at 230V without any issues (later upgraded to King Cobra CX which I'm still using).  
Blade 2, Sopra 2 or 3 or Scala Evo?
Between the Focals, it's not even close, the Scala EVO (the price differential reflects that).  That room is pretty big, 4.2m depth should be fine as long as you set the bass jumpers to the low setting (one of the best things about the Focals besi... 
Mark Levinson 38s Question Real or Fake?
Should be legit, that sounds very plausible based upon what I know about how lazy manufacturers were back then about properly labeling upgrades. No one would waste their time faking a 38S faceplate, it’s not worth the effort.Kind of strange commen... 
Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty
Unless your speakers hang out in sub-2ohm territory power isn't a concern with that Ayre amp.  
Buy and upgrade an ARC Ref 75 to 75SE OR buy a new/used 75SE?
You'll be fine; performance should be identical.  Paying more money for a new unit doesn't make much sense unless you're OCD.  
Audio Research Ref 3 VS Mark Levinson 38s
The 326S is an excellent preamp; I enjoyed having it in my system.  Don't think you can go wrong with it - it is really tough to beat for the price.  
Ayre MX-R upgrade costs?
The price is the difference between the retail prices (last MX-R retail price before it was discontinued now) and current retail for the Twenty (this increased recently) in your jurisdiction. The Twenty is a substantial improvement over the origin... 
Ayre introduces the AX-8 integrated amp
This is the replacement for the 7 series so it's going to be a decent step down from the 5 series and nowhere near the ballpark of the - R series.  It should be good value for money but I wouldn't expect anyone is going to be blown away by perform... 
Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier
Yes.  Why wouldn't it be?  
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
@2psyop I had the same feelings as to the upper limit of my spending - in this case with respect to amp pricing.  I decided that $30k ish was my upper limit for any amp.  Then I heard the D'Agostino M400 and decided that it would increase my perso... 
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino
@georgehifi This is really getting to the point of wasting everyone’s time. Instead of admit that your comments about the M400 mono blocs were inaccurate (which I have tried twice now to politely point out) you now change the goal posts with a com... 
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino
You're not getting it.  You need to do your research to properly understand what you are commenting on.  This is my final comment on this point since you don't seem to want to let it go.  The Stereophile review is of the old model M300 and not the... 
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino
You are confused.  No point in pushing this in any further.  The M400 more than delivers its rated specs.  It's not a debatable point; it's a fact. 
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino
I don't know where you're getting your numbers from but the M400 delivers power significantly in excess of that. From the Hi Fi News review: In practice it bests this by some margin at 430W/8ohm and 810W/4ohm with a dynamic output of 475W, 940W... 
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino
@georgehifi D'Ag does exactly the same thing.  My M400s: 400 watts @ 8Ω 800 watts @ 4Ω 1,600 watts @ 2Ω No need to adjust anything, sounds amazing the way it is.