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Which Impedance need for MIT MI330 S3 Interconnect
Mid Impedance. 
What were your own blind cable test results?
Well, that analysis is only accurate where the prettier cable sounds better. If it's the natty looking cheap cable that sounds better then that argument falls on its butt unless you have some type of incentive for the cheaper cable to win of course. 
Cables for B&W 805S
Concur. Depending on your budget, try the new Transparent Musicwave Plus/Super/Ultra Biwires with the new MM tech. 
I've reached the beginning of the end - I hope
To me it's simple. When I sit down and pop in a CD with a nice glass of whisky, do I forget where I am/lose myself in the music? If so, I'm done. You can always tweak a little here and there with room treatments and isolation but nothing in the sy... 
Best Preamp = No Preamp?
My experience also:In my experience, no pre-amp is always better than a crappy pre-amp; a good pre-amp is always better than having no pre-amp. 
Would you get ASC Tube Traps or RealTraps
Any thoughts on echo busters? They seem to have nice products (and come in white) with good writeups. I was thinking of getting a couple of phase 4s for the corners behind the speakers (slightly out from the corners with reflective sides showing a... 
B&W Nautilus 802D, Wilson Sophia 2, or others?
Two different comments about boomy bass on the 802D make me wonder if the Rohacell drivers are at fault.Considering the drivers are used on all the models in differnt sizes that's not the issue. The 804S and 803D I've owned have no boomy bass issu... 
Cables to top binding posts?
I didn't find a noticeable difference on my 804S 
Any Comparisons between VTL 7.5 & ARC Ref 3
Haven't auditioned them myself but a user who has mentioned that although the Arc is excellent in many ways, it's noise floor remains tubey and was unacceptable to him in comparison to that in other pres like the VTL. 
B&W Nautilus 802D, Wilson Sophia 2, or others?
The only caveat with the Revels is that they're part of the Harmon Specialty Group and who knows whether it'll be around in a year after KKR has its way with the parent company. 
How to evaluate preamps?
Concur with the above. Although counterintuitive, a top notch active pre will always better no pre. While my Wadia direct sounds pretty good (and it's modded including improvements to that section in particular), it just can't compete with the ML ... 
My apologies to Essentialaudio, but with all the AMR pimping going on around here with nary a unit in sight at retail, the AMR dealers started to blend together. Nevertheless, the other dealer was reprimanded and the account was otherwise accurate... 
Wow, AMR defense force mobilize! Let's go over your nasty post:(1) How does the length of my registration have any relevance to the discussion? Right, it doesn't.(2) Please, what's my "transparant charade"? Trying to make sure a product doesn't br... 
Once again essentialaudio, every time you open your mouth you do AMR a HUGE disservice. Rather than having to read your defensive ramblings, the product should speak for itself. The fact that you have to continue to "sell" a product doesn't speak ... 
For 8,500 it would probably be prudent to wait to make sure the aforementioned "issues" and any other surprises are actually resolved before laying down the cash. This recent spate of customers beta testing CDPs is getting quite uncomfortably clos...