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Focal Utopia Scala V2 or Persona (9H/7F)
@contuzzi  Where have you heard the EVO?  To my knowledge the speaker isn't out until September and was on static display in Munich. 
Playback Designs Merlot dac
Sounds like he's moving up to the Aqua Formula. 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
Don't give up your day job dude. 
Will power cable work well as speaker cable?
Agreed.  He's very knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. 
Focal Scala Utopia V1 vs Competition in 2017
Go for it then.  Price is fair and it's an excellent speaker. 
Focal Scala Utopia V1 vs Competition in 2017
I haven't heard the Sopras, but had the Focal Scala V1 from release until recently.  From the reports that I have read, I have not seen a single person prefer the Sopra 3 to the Scala.  Note that the only difference between Scala V1 and V2 is a tu... 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
It would really depend upon your room and whether your components are of sufficient quality that they will show what the Isis is capable of. If your room is small you probably don’t have a choice, but make no mistake the Isis is a vastly superior ... 
John Atkinson's thoughts on the New Vandersteen System Nine from LA Show
A more hyped treble only does one thing to someone with no hearing loss - make them run out of a room. 
John Atkinson's thoughts on the New Vandersteen System Nine from LA Show
@erik_squires From what I can tell a lot of (if not most) reviewers (including JA) have significant hearing loss in the high frequencies.  Given this, it makes it really difficult to discern much from most speaker reviews.   That's besides the rid... 
Esoteric K-01X or K-03X??
You just put the CDP on repeat and mute the preamp.  The mechanism is bulletproof.  Yes, you need to do it. 
Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?
I recently doubled down on discs via my latest digital upgrade. Haven’t seen much point in going to downloads (but my system is ready if I change my mind).Every time I upgrade my system I’m amazed at how much more info there is on RBCD. I have som... 
Preamp - Ayre vs. Audio Research
You can't extrapolate anything about the KX-R Twenty from the regular KX-R - they're completely different units with performance that is miles apart. 
DCS Puccini internal wire 'upgrade'
Still.  Unless you're never planning on reselling it and know that you'll like the change, that's not a good idea. 
I'm selling speakers for the first time and concerned about fraud
It's a big problem that there's really no safe way to do it.  You just have to rely on the buyer being a good person and the only way you can get an inkling of that is based upon feedback but that's no guarantee.  For very high value items, the on... 
So, you had a bad experience with someone in Thailand and thus, the next logical step is to issue a warning against the country as a whole?  If there's a pattern of behavior from a country's residents, I can see being more cautious when dealing wi...