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If you listen to anything other than Classic Jazz, don't read this.
br the shahinians do need the right amp to come alive! I enjoyed a variety of Dick’s speakers and they typically needed a good stiff solid state amp to work properly. A friend brought over an old Octave Research Class A amp and the obelisks really... 
Lamm pre amp
Kw6, I also had the Microzotl2 and the sound varied widely based on tubes used. I had Tungsol Round Plates and Brimar 6060’s in it (I know overkill) and it was too rich sounding! Good luck with whatever you end up with!  
Beveridge speakers-does anyone still use them?
Just showed this thread to my daughter who is now 14! She laughed as I read some of the posts to her.  I am enjoying the Beveridge 2's during the pandemic! Lucky to have both my Beveridges and daughter (and rest of the family) to help with being i... 
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
Nsmt Monitor 100’s are amazing. See Teajay’s (Terry London) review on these speakers in Stereo Times. The imaging and tonal colors are exquisite! 
what's the real story on china-hifi-audio? legit online shop or not?
If you are referring to Cattylink I contacted them a couple of years ago about Line magnetic for the USA. I received a series of incredibly nasty emails from them for  no apparent reason. Imagine if you have a service issue! Shuddering at the thou... 
Inherited vintage equipment please help!
The Berning is a cult Classic. I remember Walt Bender in Absolute Sound calling it an Ersatz Marantz 8B. Had one once and it was very sweet el34 based amp. 
NSMT Speakers?
I heard these speakers at Teajay's a couple of months ago.  I went to Mike Kay's to hear them again and they are amazing.  Incredible time machines that have great dynamics, great tonality and amazing resolution.  These might be the best $12,000 s... 
Speaker company :HHR exotic speakers
Audionoobie did you decide whether to buy the speakers? 
Speaker company :HHR exotic speakers
I heard them at Axpona and thought they were great. The imaging made the old Ohm F’s sound like a toy. If you like Omni sound they are amazing! What does the TLS-1 sell for these days? 
Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!
Audio Archon is the Best!!!  Mike Kaye is an amazing audiophile and an even better person!!5 Stars!! 
SIMPLY AMAZING: Coda Technologies 07x Preamplifier
Teajay,            What tube preamp was it?regards,Brother Bob  
How do you buy / sell such heavy things like speakers over the web?
For big speakers you can get them picked up and shipped by a company like Craters and Freighters. I have also used Uship a number of times for very large speakers across country at very good rates. Usually with Uship the company that ships the spe... 
The new NSMT Model 100 Speakers
I have been to Teajay’s place a number of times and I felt this speaker was much better than the Tekton Ulfs IMHO. The imaging of these speakers is staggering. Almost like a time machine bringing you to where the original performance was conducted... 
NSMT Speakers?
Mike Kay  did the Monitor 100’s  come in? Bob 
The new NSMT Model 100 Speakers
I also heard these speakers at Teajay’s Place. They really are wonderful in their ability to transport one to the performance with their amazing imaging. I don’t know how so much sound comes out of these boxes. They are the best speaker I have eve...