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Warmest speaker?
Correct, "warmth" is not a good quality in speaker voicing. Dakato puts the Vandy line of 3A down as "overipe/ponderous", IOW bloated. Another bloated, "warm" image is that of the B&W line. Could live with that sound. There are many others, bu... 
Warmest speaker?
I've heard several vandy's in many settings. Dealer in new orlaens and lately at a friends house. was the 2ce and 3A. Way too much distortion for my taste. Sorry, just my opinion. Its a bloated sound. my friend lovcs his, and finds my Thors 'abit ... 
Warmest speaker?
Vandersteen is extremely warm. Couldn't live with it. 
MTM vs TM ... advantages/disadvantages ?
My MTM Thor speaker delivers a much richer/fuller/bloosed sound stage/image, vs my old speaker with a single 7 inch midbass/midrange. 
Von Schweikerts' vr4 gen III HSE vs vr4 Jrs?
Interesting that VS has some speakers much better than others in his line. Vandy's are the same way.With Tyler's, not one of his Excel models are better than another of his Excel models, just different, but not "better-ed" 
What are the best monitor speakers for classical?
Fred I listen to mostly classical and the speaker I found best for me is the Thor, its a MTM design. Tyler has the same design with his Linbrook Sig Monitor, featuring dual 7 midbass and the Millennium tweeter. Orch gets full voicing in the midran... 
Krell 400xi vs. BAT VK-300x vs. McIntosh MA6900
its like which brand can come up with the fanciest numbers in the title. I means look at these names 400XIESCDTRRSUPERDUPER 
Tyler Acoustics is genius.
Perry, Big Tyler fan here. I've heard the Linbrook Sig Sys (LSS) and posted a review back in Sept. btw where are you located?You can ck Ty's site for owners willing to demo. If none are listed in your area, ck with Ty he may have a owner in your a... 
Best lines in a song
"Tied to a whipping post...oh Lord i feel like I'm dying"Allman Brothers 
Good speakers for Defy7
I've got a Defy 7 arriving this week. I will use my Thor's until I can find funds for one of Tyler's models. Either his Linbrook Sig Sys, or his newest model, Woodmere 2's. Thats later in the yr though. Should be a nice match. 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
yes please posta review, which i failed to acknowledge your upcomming report. My apologies. I was only quoting most of what one HK member heard at the show, and I assume in a home set up. From his highly attuned impressions of the Melody, its poss... 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
Alan google Melody hi m10, separate the words "hi" and "m10". You'll find the link to melody gear. ...For what its worth...I just got a PM from a member in HK who has heard the Melody cdp at the HK audio show and at his home. Good player for aroun... 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
Just saw a photo of the Melody hi m10, WOW factor is very high. Drop dead gorgeous! Top load, but the best looking top load I've ever seen. Must own one of day. Like my cayin 17, has dual/high quality power supply, one for analogue, on... 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
Mrtennis has something that i'd be very interested in. Thought I'd never consider another player upgrade from my currect Cayin 17/modded. Very nice souunding player/hefty at 45 lbs. But this Melody may be something I'd be very interested in. I'm i... 
Tyler acoustics questions
The Seas Excel is the finest tweeter imhoJust my opinion based on 30+ yrs in audio audition. All issues are resolved with the Millenium