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Pre amp for Parasound 2200 II
im thinking of running to 2200 11 the same way ,what speakers are you running ,are you running them in balanced,and what way have you wired speakers ? bywire? 
Can any CDP with coaxial out used as transport?
yes it will work fine......but you may want to look for a differ dac than nad.......and get a good cable........i feel if you buy the nad you will by another..guys here will suggest a dac how much you willing to spend? 
MSB Link DAC ModWright Upgrade
use dan wright .....he is a stand up guy and is there when you need him he helped me out with a msb issue when he didnt have to...i have a link dac and its going to him soon talk to both and tell them what you are looking for in sound ....i havent... 
What's between your AA"S
get a dti pro or the pro 32 and you can hook it up with the is2 cable i think. get a power supply upgrade for your dac and the pro aa made a powerstation 2 that would run both i think, im useing monalithic mps dusty made it..i just sold a dti pro ... 
Connect dac to Music Hall CD-25 or upgrade?
the dac in the music hall is a 24/96.when you use it as a transport its not 24/96.any time you can upgrade the dac, its going to be fun to hear the differ..remember this is a hobby. get a msb its low priced and upgradable,and if it blows you away,... 
Connect dac to Music Hall CD-25 or upgrade?
upgrade the power cord is a great hall uses a phillips transport .its a great transport .so many other people use it in there cd players to so keep the to a dac get the msb link dac 3...i did and like it a lot i listen to th...