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MSB Link Dac 3- have modded or go Benchmark ?or?
where have you found info on battery supply 
MSB Link Dac 3- have modded or go Benchmark ?or?
modd the link dac ,i did with dan and replaced the p1000 power with monolithic power modded,im running the network card so i can run it balanced to my cd player,it blows away alot get it fully modded from dan ,you will keep it for ever,also revela... 
Ground Isolation, removing sibelance.
look at parts express they have a little black on for cable hum and its under 10.00 and works 
XLR-RCA adapters - which to choose? look at these i got them and they are fine. just do a search on ebay for rca to xlr adapters 
audio art cable ic3 the best of all period ,email rick he will help you,it just replaced a very high end cable in my system all for 89.00 
Problem using Monarcy DIP Classic with cablebox
check your cable box menu is it set for pcm or digital that fixed mine has to be on pcm 
DH Labs Revelations or other options??
i got the audio art ic 3s and put a set of tara lab air in the closet,this cable is no joke,made my system open up 
Tube Rolling on a Symphones + audio experience
get some tungsol tubes i had the gt 12axy in mine a tong sol 12ax7 in middle socket and a tungsol retifier tube and it was sweet,i did alot of tube rolling in that preamp,rca tubes were nice to play with the rectifier tube,also run some silver int... 
need help with rca cables
not happy with tara labs and there service right my post i have done alot of diy dont want to go there, 
are your kids interested
sometimes when im going crazy about it not sounding right,my 2 year old and 3 year old will come in an dance and run around reminding me its the music that feeds our soul,not the 60 hz hump 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
man, just think you have your system tweaked just right,call your buddys over to share the glory,and you walk in the room and your wife is tring some new home depot speaker wire on your stuff,and your 2000.00 speaker wires are in the corner,not me... 
Is Audioquest Emerald still a good cable?
friend still runs same cables,keep them,you would go backwards with nordost blue heaven,try looking into power cords 
Speaker cables which bring out more bass?
why dont you try the home depot wire its cheap and alot of peeps here says it works do a search on here 
Installing Aftermarket PC on Adcom Amp's
does the amp have iec plugs,if so,i had the adcom big amp 5800,and tryed alot of power cords with great outcome,the vh audio flavor 2 was the best,and i made them my self,,i also used carol cable 12/3 from homedepot and it was good to.any cord wil... 
Benefit of a PS Audio UPC-200 on the Front End?
go to and look at his power box he builds has 4 outlets,once you get idea of what it is ,then take a field trip to lowes,or homedepot get the parts youself and build it,lowes sales the orange hospital outlets for 14.00 each get 10 ...