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audiogon members or dealers
well i finally got my money returned,the cables i bought from dealer was demos well the company that makes cables dont repair demo cables under warrenty,and the dealer was slow to tell me that,about 60 days late,the company who makes the product o... 
Eating-up cheap dvd players
elivick,i have 5 kids running in the house,and we have had the same problem,my wife went to walmart and bought a magnavozdvd player small grey player not any functions but play open and off ,remote has the rest,well the first one was so good we bo... 
The best audiophile "gag" gift for X-Mas
i think this company will be with mr tice very soon ,they must of read mr tices clock book,take these guys to court for fraud they might go away 
Room Treatment experiment
go to this web sight are real cheap to try,your room looks very hard to me,you can get these roomtreatments and put the big ones behind your speakers,and if wife dont ... 
How to tame the midrange???
what interconnects are you usesing,i just went through this,i took my whole system apart and started add the interconnects one by one till i found the one that was doing it ,changed it out and its great again so try it it dont cost nothing,, 
audiogon members or dealers
well the dealer is talking to me ,but the manufacture is the one giving me the run around,they said reciept said demo with warrenty,would have to call dealer,and told dealer they are to far gone to make repairs,these cables are brand new ,just the... 
Technical Help with DIY Power cords, Please?
go to he has some diy info on what you want...i wouldnt put the shield on any end if it has 3 wires already,chris does hook the shield from a belden wire for a digital cord,read his stuff,his web sight on here 
Is the MSB Technology LINK DAC III worth it ?
if its the one on ebay bid 150 or so.and see if you get it ,if you do then you can work on the upgraded power supply..if you dont get it ,keep checking on here,ive seen them go for 300 or so with power supply,good luck 
Is the MSB Technology LINK DAC III worth it ?
if it has the network card that lets you run aes ebu input,and it has the upgraded power supply,its a good combo.i use the monolithic hb2 power supply with a revelation din power cord,and a moded link3 by dan wright and love it running 
PS Audio P500 Yes? -No?
i have the 300 mw2+, and i think im going back to mw 1,to bright for some reason..but it is great with my front end mostly digital,dac,transport ,powersuppy,and meridian 518,arc friend has the 500 on his front end and loves it,mw2+,you hav... 
i found one on ebay ,new at a good price ,check there 
Crackling Noise ...driving me nuts
try cleaning the volume pot had it happen to me one time on preamp ,radio shack makes the cleaner 
Mono's for HT Rear channels
there are a set of legacy monos on here for sale..real good amp coda makes them ,i would do the amps prpixel said to ,they would look good in the back with amp stamds .they run about 900.00 to 
ADCOM Repairs
call adcom they will have a flat rate to fix it..i had the 5800 amp,and they wanted 655.00 to fix it and it would of been 125.00 to ship it there and back.aused one in good shape was only 500.00 so do your homework there number is on there web sight 
is it time to tara down
marakanetz,i did use my dvd player and it was about the same,i put a blanket over stereo stand ,tv and all,hung some pillows on the wall behind me,and it tamed it down alot,serus was fun to talk to and helpfull. i found this stuff on ebay and will...