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Burned out hi fi salesman
catch the same salesman after the holidays,maybe working long hours just answering phone calls..maybe he just found out boss is going to stiff him on christmas bonus,and wife left him and he needed to sale his stuff..maybe as a post said after lis... 
What does 'Fast mean?
my girl friend says im fast maybe i need to learn how to oscillate..funny about thats why amps are heavey phd 
is it time to tara down
mike i really like it,had the cec 51 transport at one time and sold it to get,somthing else,you know how that is.i replaced a meridian 500 transport ,for this and really love it cheap on ebay,i would like to go to the tl1 one day..ive used... 
Notice how many SACD collections for sale?
sacd will be like 8 tracks in 24 months,but they seam to still make players,like its alive and well.i did a post some time ago about sacd players price dropping fast,and im still waiting,lucky for them most of them play dvds or they would be worth... 
Upgraded PC for Velodyne DD12
i have the legacy pace maker,and changing cords has made a differ..i have tryed psaudio prelude,and vhaudio flavor currently running a diy silver over copper cord i made up.bass is tighter with the silver cord, i wouldnt put the stock cord ba... 
What's the deal with the Machina Dynamica Clock?
i have never been to any high end shops or peeps home and seen ,a device like this.I would think if you spend money,on good stuff,pre, amps speakers, interconnects, wouldnt need a 100.00 clock in the room. but if you will buy a jar of rocks... 
Personal amp evolution
hafler dh 500 for years,then adcom 5800 ,parasound hca 3500,now legacy monos 
Bitstream DAC won't lock onto CEC transport
does the bitstream dac have other inputs,i have a cec transport and i use the balanced output,can you hook it up that way. 
DIY IC cables
i second ebay. i got some of the silver wire on there ,there are alot of differ,gauges.and cables sound good and fun to make.i think i used a copper wire thay was silver coated last time..i got my plugs and tex flex from takefive great guy 
Need advice for power cord on PS Audio UPC 200
i was useing vh audio power 2 diy cord ,but up graded to his power 4 diy and wont be changing for a while..i did try tara labs air pc but changed it,do a search for vh audio on here 
bb tweeking again. help me
ok guys i get you by now,i wasnt wanting this post to be funny but we had our fun,now does it matter what we put in bags?,weight is what we want right,popcorn should work.any thing we use will, right 
What would you do?
remember who the guy is and dont sale to him your cd player again and move on..80% of the people of the world live in a negative world,the othere 20% hides from them,,good luck 
Power Cord for Digital
look at vh audio flavor for power cord ,ive used his wire and beldon wire,and loved them over alot .im using tara lab air now, and chris cord for digital is as good. tara cost 695.00 flavor 3 diy is 50.00 or breaking a flavor 4 for my mono a... 
dolby digital to pcm stereo to coaxial dig outpu
your box dont let you choose it thu the menu,i had proplems to and had to do it thru the menu,mine was under audio out...i also can only use the output for digital channels only,so i got a good pair of interconnects and ran to my pre its ok..this ... 
Where to find 6AWG E51583 wire on line
ebay,do a search for silver wire and then cosumer electonic,some good looking six guage