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Power cord upgrade on subwoofer
carol cable 12/3 is what to look for on partsexpress 
Power cord upgrade on subwoofer
i have a legacy pace maker..ive tryed diff powercords,verses what come with it and come to use a diy from vh audio i think it was flavor 2,i didnt like a conditioner on the sub had ultimate outlet 15amp hc,took it off,99% of all companies will say... 
Less fatiquing
try some power cords now that you got speaker placement right ,so many on here,diy is fun also has some low cost power cords look for them should settle you in,move up the chain in tara lab interconnects you wont replace nothing for 2 yea... 
Best Digital Amp for Legacy Focus 20/20?
call dusty varner ,he makes a digital mono and i think he had focus also he is on here ,he should know,Channel Islands Audio(805) 984-8282 he has been good when i ask him something,he even sent me power cables for my aa stu... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
boy its hard for members to stay on track,so far a have gathered,ls25 mk1, ls5 mk1, ref 2 mk1,should be in line to what im going to do research,noone talked much about ref 1 preamp,can i get some feed back one it? 
Bryston Power Amp users - what power cord?
chris v's flavor 2 cord are on my friends 7sts and he has it connected to psaudio ulhc with great results 
Transport/Dac 101
go with the transport,i have a cec and a pioneer dvd hooked to a modded msb and there is huge diff,meridian is a great one to get the 500,about 500.00 on here. get the msb to take balanced thru there net work card you wont look back,i also upgrade... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
also not interested in phono ,only cd playback ,,redbook 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
is it so that the differ between the ref1 and ref 2 is a ht bypass? 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
please only give me ark responce,dont care if something else sounds better,,,i need ark info..thanks 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
so what is the differ albert from ref 2 and mk1 or mk2 and what mk1 or mk2 did they change tubes,and are you saying if it is the model with russian tubes you cant tube roll,and how do you tell what model to get 
Anyone have experience with "Signal Cable" Cables?
isnt franks cables,just belden wire? if so cant that be a diy.lot cheaper..i could be wrong but belden cable for interconnects is cheap in price..,i always thought chris v web sight on diy cables and franks cables were the same,if they are ..go to... 
Small circulating fan to cool amps
i would think that forse draft would cause dust to go inside sourse faster,although i have cleaned both pulling and pushing air and they both were dusty,i know when im hot i want fan to blow on me,but im a southern boy ,what do i know?b and bob is... 
Small circulating fan to cool amps
not these fans they are dead still and you cant hear them run,,but you could prevent that by mounting it with some rubber,these fans are not like the radio shack fans, 
parasound hca 800 for 2nd system....
ditto had 2 of these at one time worked ever where i put it great ,sub rears fronts .look on ebay they are one there cheap at times