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The Cable Company - Wow
they have a huge owner data base were guys like us with diff componants tryed and liked or hated it,so when you call and say i want xxx for aaa they look up and say qqqsaid it sounded good and they send it..what a job sit at home on pc calls come ... 
The Cable Company - Wow
steve is really good,dealing with him about 4 years now,another one is matt at tara labs. him knowing about audiogon prices not buying from new from dealer ,he still will suggest whats best.somethimes its fun to tell him cable cost on here,I bough... 
If you won powerball and could purchase the best
i would get bose just kidding.ive talked with friends about same thing....would you go 2 channel or home theater? i would stay 2 channel 
Prince or whatever he is known as , Wow
his last cd was good also 
Help - Internet radio from PC to stereo receiver
i live in myrtle beach and jazz is hard to find,although we have a nice jazz club.charleston has a nice one you should pull in with the right stuff.i took a 1/4 plug to rca stereo plug from my comp and ran interconnects to my pre its ok for a get ... 
Good timing for me.
for yourmusic look for the legacy sig 3s or the 
parasound 3500 verses parasond jc1
bob what 2 parts can i replace.and im running the legacy focas with arcls3 b 
parasound 3500 verses parasond jc1
I do ,im wondering if i should buy another 3500 for byamp or the jc1s 
Wife approval factor?
i did get the legacy focus, gave her a song about last girl friend wouldnt let me have them,we worked out a deal if i get speakers she get ring .legacys cost me alot, and santa gave me the sub,said sub was as big as her hope chest,it works 
Wife approval factor?
I sneek it in.Got a friend that helps me lie.When she asks is that new,i say no.After al i do buy it used on audiogon.I think they know ,just doesnt say anything 
Invert phase, ARC LS3 ?
i noticed that some of there tube preamps can be upgraded to mk status,i have the ls3b can they mk solid states at ark? 
Need to tame bass
go with some siver in your interconnects and speaker wires i have about the same system you have .put some siver interconnect between your pre and amp..and see what happens . 
Power Bars
go to go to diy page and build it with beldon wire huble 4 plex ..glenn will answer any questions for you it will be as good as anything you can buy and fun to 
rca bnc the same to me in digital app. rca verses xlr is a differ like on amp ,pre, and so on.xlr good for long run of wire.they are two diff monsters as in connection app.xlr locks bnc locks,wbt rca locks .you should have a talk with your friends... 
Adcom GFA-5802 -vs- Parasound HCA-3500 Amps?
I had the 5800 for some years andwhen it needed repaired, is where it started.Adcom wanted 450.00 flat rate and over 100 to ship it there and back.As we know you can get a used one on here for that.After telling Adcom that a used was same price th...