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Audio Physic - Yara - thoughts and info please
I have upgraded to Yaras about 3 months ago after owning SF Concerto, SF Signum, Quad 21L, Totem Arros, and Totem Hawks...These are outstanding for the price, very rich but conrolled bottom end, totally open and neutral....I have powered them with... 
"Commercial" plasma screens the real deal for HT?
WOW, thanks for all the info. One last question: a salesguy told me that plasma screens really burn fast because of the two large black stripes that are indeed still images top-bottom of movies on DVD format....bullshit or truth? he then tried to ... 
What screen to buy with $1500?????
Thanks. One more question: does the "mass" that corresponds to the CRT TV create any "damage" to the soundstage, in 2ch audio or even in 5.1? do I have to have my front speakers postionned so they create a front line before the TV screen? 
Clean and thin sounding interconnect?
Thanks, I will start with the Silent Audio since they share my speaker cables' approach (Speltz anti-cable): less material is less cost and less coloration! 
tall speaker in small room???
thanks, you probably confirmed that my long time fantasy of owning a huge speaker is inadequate for my room....will probably go Linbrook floorstanding monitor unless you think that their bass response is heavier (in a bad way!) than the Linbrook m...