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New line of Triangle Magellan ESW2?
ArthurAs a matter of fact, it was with a Unison Sinfonia as the dealer carries both lines (should say carried both lines on a trial period). Still, I stand by my statement. Source was DcS P8i. 
B&W Name Change Theory
They used B&W as in BMW to piggy back on the car company's upscale image and know, they move to a more "history rich" name which tells the story about co-founders, etc, etc. Unfortunately, the more they grow, the more their products look like ... 
New line of Triangle Magellan ESW2?
Finally auditionned a pair of Cello, as HiFi as you can get, resolution, resolution, resolution. To each his own. 
B&W Signature Diamond : Anyboy heard them?
This company knows no limit. 
MacCormack Micro Phono drive vs new $300preamp
This is a good phono pre but I would look at a used Graham Slee 2SE in that price range (MM only) 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
B&Ws in general which are to me the equivalent of boys band and Britney Spears: only marketing. 
Best budget CDP?
Pick up a Cambridge CD500 SE for $250 and if you are not fully happy with it, that leaves a lot of money to either buy a tube DAC (or a tube buffer)or upgrade something else. 
Great XLR for $300 or less used 
Best budget CDP?
A friend of mine got Oppo 970 + used Monarchy Audio 18 DAC for $500 total and is delighted (he is a former owner of a few Stereophile Class A and B $2-3,000 range CDPs). USB DAC great idea as well with a small PC-based "transport". 
Avalon Ascendants - How is the treble?
I heard both models on same VTL setup (few months apart though) and the newer version is less polite and laid-back than the original, for the better IMHO. They still image like crazy but now the amount of details retrieved is greatly improved and ... 
Avalon Studio Pro
No paint, it is rugged black textured fabric, some sort of industrial nubuck. They are not the fanciest looking out there, they require at least 500 hrs of break in time but are dynamite sticks! They are highly accurate 30Hz type of monitors that ... 
One TT, 2 arms, 2 cartridges for $2,000 used?
Thank you all, I have to agree with you guys and will likely investigate the Scout route with two cartridges (did not know some arms could make cartridge change that easy. Any suggestions for 2 cartridges with the sound properties I described for ... 
How much is the industry accomodation
It depends on how flattering the review is.... 
Room size and floor standing speakers
Maria:My room is 21*13*7 and have had floorstanders with great success...set up on the short wall and speakers way into the room if they like to be such as Avalon. You may want to keep the floorstander rather slim, tight bass, may be a 2.5 way wit... 
Anyone seen their favorite High End store close?
Not yet and I hope not but the one I despise seems to be maintaining itself afloat thanks to their importer-distributor role