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When is your system good enough-and why?
Agree with Bdgregory, NEVER, and the destination does not matter, just the a matter of fact, this hobby is a mirror of life itself: you always have enough because you always have more than the average human on earth but you never have... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
if you can negotiate a bit on the monitor vs. floorstander issue, Totem Arros at 5"*7"*34" go down to 40Hz, disappear like no other, can be placed anywhere and are less intrusive than any monitor-stand I can think of with this kind of freq respons... 
VSA speaker owners What did you upgrade to?
I think Alain wrote "never looked back", not "did not look back"...:)Now, I am not sure what you meant by I've been looking online, naturally, at Heperion, Proac, and tons of others, litterally. With no outlets for demo-ing, sensitivity and load w... 
Time to reflect - why do you post on Audiogon.....
I admire your sense of pride, responsibility and in the end perspicacity. We will miss you. 
Upgrading UDP-1
Tks but I doubt there are video and SACD improvements. Mostly 2ch red book for what I read and again, some prefer the original version. 
Von Schweikerts VR4 JR's and SR's?
It is a VSA, period, and you should not dare asking. Check other posts and be wise. 
VSA speaker owners What did you upgrade to?
Alain, you are insane, you are going to get bashed on this forum for daring letting go of the VS line. 
Time to reflect - why do you post on Audiogon.....
There is a great collective knowledge and give and take a few biggots in love with their sytem and themselves (those who think their choice is the right one and cannot take criticism), people are usually open minded. 
Have you seen Eric Clapton at his best?
I would agree with Cicciolina too. 
Using old CD player as a transport says parts no longer available for your unit¨...if this is true worldwide, not sure I would build a system around it although transport + DAC is a very flexible solutio... 
Have you seen Eric Clapton at his best?
you mean sober? 
Your experience:a cdp that gets best of lesser cds
I had a Rega Jupiter 2000 that I would call very forgiving and no slush either. On the other hand, I have yet to find one that is sharp as knife with audiophile recording and forgiving with bad stuff. One other option, just my two cents, is to buy... 
Very small bookshelf speakers / system
- If she is under 35, IPod with Monitor Audio deck/speaker- If she is 35-55, a used Bose Wave Music will surely make her happy as her co-workers will likely be of those who will say "Wow, your husband got your a Bose system"- If she is 55-75, try ... 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
That is a real consensus and I bet we all believe our CDP is the most "analog" sounding one...excellent thread! I use McCormack UDP-1 original and guess what, it is as close to analog as it gets (kidding!). 
Buying HiFi at credit, anyone?
Gjames: I think that sums it all, tks. Personally, as to close this thread (at least for me), I am willing to finance up to next year's half-bonus. If it comes in, I have enjoyed my gear one year earlier for a mere rate that I call "cost of living...