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The best speaker cables you’ve had
Audience Au24SX beaten by Cerious Graphene Matrix beaten by Silversmith Fideliums beaten by Townshend Fractals. Naturally system dependent.    The Fideliums by far are the bang for the buck cable.   
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Been digging my Townshend Fractals F1.   
Streaming YouTube
Streaming YouTube
I don’t know.  Optical to a good Dac and you can get pretty decent sound. Some dacs can upconvert to a high rate and the sound is very good.     
Neotech NEI-3001 Mk III balanced interconnect cable
Plus one the Iconoclast 4x4 Up-OCC Gen 2.  Great cable. No more looking around for me!!  
Axpona 2023
I was with two other friends and we all thought by far that You would call it a affordable mid high end speaker. I think they spec to down to 35hz. I teased he was hiding a subwoofer in there. It was with the Audio Group Denmark.    Just a great ... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
The Grimm and Innuos were very popular at Axpona this weekend. As good as they sounded you went into a room with vinyl and they are still not quite there.   
Axpona 2023
I thought the Borreson X3 for 11,500 were the star of the show. An relatively affordable speaker that sounded as good as the 30k speakers. Should fit into many rooms. Good looking.   
Vinnie Rossi
Heard It in two rooms at Axpona this weekend.  So crazy as the system with the Magico’s A5 sounded blah. The room with the Rockport Atria sounded fantastic. No doubt it is a great piece .   The 2 front meters can be shut down as they could be a li... 
Silversmith Fidelium
Great cable. Definite best bang for the money.   
Experience with Townshend Seismic Podiums on Concrete Floor (they're great)
Nice fit for your speakers. Townshend makes a great speaker cable called a Fractal F1.  Its as good as a cable as the Podiums are for vibration.  
Puritan 156 Power Cord
One thing I do know is the stock entry level cable supplied is not very good. I had Bob Grost  ( Cerious) make one for me and it was a huge upgrade.   
Experience with Townshend Seismic Podiums on Concrete Floor (they're great)
@laynes. So you have them under your Spatial speakers?  My buddy has a pair of X5’s but looking at them I wondered how a podium would work because of their wide footprint.  Glad to hear you are enjoying them.  Well worth the investment   
2023 AXPONA Show Report
I will be going. Where  can you go and have a chat with Vinny Rossi, Dan Wright, Jim Salk, Klaus from Odyssey, Jeff Rowland.  The Lampizator gang are always fun.  Be sure to circle back on rooms visited on Friday later in the weekend. May take a d... 
The best plug in filter ever!
Thanks for the clarification. I reread a few times. Glad to hear all is well.