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Lampizator Music KOMPUTER or MusicVault or MemoryPlayer64???
I love my Music Vault 2 Ultra with Roon and Tidal. Neal's customer service is great, he responds right away. If you have a issue he will fix it by remote. This service is very valuable to computer idiots like me.  
Etiquette for a listening session?
Although it is nice to introduce friends to the love of music the way we hear it in our systems.  Most people just don't truly appreciate or feel music. I can not see expecting a group of people to sit in a room quiet and only listen and not talk.... 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
I am also using all Cerious Technologies cables both Nano and Graphene they sound awesome. Bob is great to deal with very honest and I can't imagine getting better value for the money I've spent.  
Is Anyone Using Dirac Live Or Other Room Correction?
Thanks everyone for all the thoughts.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Nutty, love The Cult saw them a couple times in the late 80's early 90's. Once they opened for Metallica and blew them off the stage, Ian was laying down sing during Love Removal Machine. One of my favorite shows ever. Check out a band called The ... 
A good USB card that will work with a Wyred4Sound DAC 2 DSD SE
I am using a W4S dsdse with a Music Vault 2 Ultra that has a sotm usb.  
I want to introduce my nephew to hi end with your help!
How about a pair of Vanatoo speakers. All in one with amp,dac and bluetooth. I thought they were pretty impressive at Axpona.  
If I were to upgrade from the Gallo 3.5?
The Golden Ear Triton One look like something I'd like to hear, maybe they will be at Axpona. Any other suggestions? 
Tidal 60 day free trial
I find $20 a month a great deal even though I have a music server with close to 2000 cds.  I can't see how any audiophile wouldn't have this just for discovering new music. I have been using Amarra Tidal, it makes a nice improvement to sq also. 
Andra Day !
Sorry the name of the album is Cheers to the fall not Rise Up. Just picked up a pressed copy after listening to it on Tidal Amarra. I prefer the Tidal version seems to be a bit smoother on my system. The stripped down acoustic version's on youtube... 
Music Servers
I just ordered a Music Vault and will be getting it next week. After talking with Neal, he seems like a honest person that wants his customers to be happy and offers a product that is well built, good warranty, he handles the customer service and ... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Last night Ronnie Earl and Dianne Blue at Space in Chicago. They played for 3 straight hours Ronnie is truely amazing at 60, I cant even imagine what he must have been like in his prime. Space is a awesome place to see a show.Also went too Steely ... 
RIP BB! Thank you for influencing so many to help keep the greatest form of music alive. It is really sad on this site so few appreciate the Blues. For anyone who hasn't seen Buddy Guy live go see him before he passes. 
Blue Circle Audio PLC Thingee FX2 X0e Vs. Other
Thanks Lak I'm just looking for the best all around conditioner for the money I also plan on running dedicated lines so this kind of falls in budget . I am using a One Ac right now. I'm just wondering what I would have to spend to top the Blue Cir... 
SOS: Andy Bowman - Vintage Tube Services
Andy is still in business and great to deal with I recently visited him and bought tubes and had him look a my tube preamp. He's as good and honest as it gets. FYI he is in the process of updating his website and his 2015 stock list but as always ...