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Graham Phantom on TW Acustic Raven?
I used a Feickert for mine and it was pretty straight forward. Select the appropriate effective length, pivot the arm board with the arm mounted until it lines up with the center of the bearing cup, then go through the painfully detailed process o... 
Raos cartridge
Good one. 
New filter/regenerator
I have exactly the same amp as you. I was going through tubes at an alarming rate and read something about high voltage and shortened tube life. On a whim I measured the output at the wall, 129V. Whether that is problematic to equipment is open to... 
Phono cable for Graham Phantom
I love the Stealth Hyperphono I'm using with my Raven AC, Phantom, Dyna XV-1s. A great cable, detailed but relaxed and musical sounding. Highly recommended. 
Power Cable Guidance Needed...
Ptmconsulting, was it the cable with the filtering built in or the one without that you compared in the shootout? Thanks 
PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner
Excellent. Thanks again Aslan, I'm really curious to hear your findings. Please loop back to this thread to post your impressions if you remember, once you've had a chance to do the shoot-out.Bryan 
PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner
Thanks for getting that information Aslan1. That Kaplan cable sounds really appealing. I wonder if using the filtered Kaplan from a power conditioner to an amp is a good thing or a bad thing? I'm thinking I might want to try a 15A one on my amp an... 
PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner
Thanks for your reply Paul. I hope it didn't come across like I was criticizing your cord, rather it was just an observation as I was thinking of re-terminating one of my own and was looking around at parts. As I mentioned, your cord does seem to ... 
PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner
PS, I'd like to keep the cost below $1K, and the further the better but if there is a great PC close to that mark I won't rule it out. Thanks. 
Transformer-coupled tube phono pres
I have a Tron Seven Transformer coupled phono stage. It's great. 
Replace au24 speaker cable???
I had Au24's and just changed to Stealth Hybrid MLT and was very pleased with the improvements. It provided greater detail/quieter background yet sounded more relaxed with a larger soundstage. A friend of mine commented that it sounded fuller/rich... 
phonocable for dynavector xv-1s
Haven't compared it to much but I'm loving my Stealth Hyperphono with my XV1s on my Phantom arm. Detailed without being harsh, full hamonics, quiet backgrounds, relaxed natural sound. It's the complete package and highly recommended.Cheers. 
What is your dream turntable?
I'd have to say it's the one I have. A Raven AC with Phantom/Dyna XV1s and Ortofon AS309s/Jubilee. I love it. 
New Ortophon Tonearms?
Well, if you're looking at it as part of an upgrade path then I suppose Downunder and I would be good indicators that you can go pretty far with this arm. So from that perspective I suppose it's a good option. 
Did you wait more than a year for an Ars Sonum?
I didn't have to wait a year but I think I had close to a 9 month wait, and I've had mine for 2 1/2 years now so I don't think there was as much demand back then. It does take a while but I can tell you that:1. It's worth the wait sonically2. Two ...