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Class D amplifiers. What's the future look like?
The company’s you mentioned have so much of their current value wrapped up in the glory of their house sound and history of famous amps I doubt it makes sense to try and market the newest thing(class d) unless it is obviously superior sounding.  T... 
Active Speakers - Anything new coming?
I to am curious about this. I tried to use google to investigate but the few listed here seem to be all that’s  new.  Maybe if they update Bluetooth with lossless capabilities there will be a bunch of new products.   
Does the Audio press ever excite you anymore?
I love stereophiles coverage of audio shows on their website. I don’t enjoy reading reviews as much as I once did. The more we moved away from mechanical play back systems the less exciting for me to read about it.   
B&w Matrix 800 Cabinet constuction
Thanks for sharing the link. I really enjoyed. It was also a lot of work to update my account so I could post this little note.  
like Jubilees only much smaller... like standmount or towers
Pispeakers. You could try here. Might be too much diy for you. I’ve not heard and of the speakers but then I’ve never heard the jubilee either.   
Is it time that Klipsch Heritage marketing a subwoofer?
They listened but it not what you expected or wanted.   Heritage subwoofer system.  
Niles infrared repeater and iPhone 13 pro
It’s the iPhones infrared part of Face ID. It flash an infrared picture every so often looking for a face. That’s my guess.  
Bad experience with an electrician
Maybe next time try a plumber.