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2 subwoofer???
I run mine in stereo, though mono may work better. I don't have nearly as much free time to play with set-up as I would like. For my pressent room configuration my guess is that mono will work better. Also the crossover point would help dictate th... 
I assume you have the HCA-1000? There is a ground lift switch on the back. Flip this switch and you have just done the same thing as using a cheater plug.Good luck! 
Audiophile license plates
It wouldn't be a white VW Rabbit would it?Thats funny.For a fundraiser in high school we demolised a VW Rabbit with baseball bats and sledgehammers. What was the coach or anyone else involved thinking? 
NHT tweeters
I think that he would do fine with the SB1's or SB2's.The 1's dont respond low anyway and the 2's would be crossed over around 70 or 80Hz anyway in a surround setup.Not that what you say doesn't have merrit; it does.But in a mid-fi surround setup ... 
2 subwoofer???
There is great merrit to what Duke just said.For my symetrical stereo sub set-up there are obvious peaks and nulls when playing test tones. It is possible to get things relatively flat by using the controls on the subs. But when you do this the mu... 
Audiophile license plates
The only vanity plate I have ever found remotely entertaining was the following:Volvo wagon"Baby on Board" plaque on suction cuplocal gated community stickerregional "outdoor" outfitter store for yuppies that "hike" (to the mall) stickerPlate simp... 
NHT tweeters
Not enough dif. for surround sound.The SB models would work fine.A better side speaker may actually be the Von Schweikert TS-150 though. IT uses a soft dome tweeter with a polymer coating. It also has a dipole/monopole button on the side.Good luck! 
2 subwoofer???
I use stereo subs to reinforce monitors. Sounds great. It helps tremendously if you have a symetrical set-up. A kick drum does sound like a kick drum. It is exponentially more difficult to set up stero subs though. 
1 channel quiet in a multiamp
Even though teh little attenuators are set to the same level the one on that channel could be funked up. Try turning the amp off, and sweeping the knob back and forth for about a minute. This can knock of any corrosion that has built up.Good luck! 
How to replace a tweeter in a KEF Reference Two?
It looks to me that the front panel may come out revealing the aray attached from the back side. Call Kef and ask a tech. 
Speakers for Dk design VS-1 Reference mk2
The distributor for DK auditions it with Von Schweikert VR-4JR's. I listened to the JR's with quite a few different amplifiers (better amplifiers IMO) but there was some sort of synergy with teh DK.Good luck! 
How to replace a tweeter in a KEF Reference Two?
If it is one of their Uni-Q arrays you are going to have to either send it to Kef to get the tweeter replaced or replace the tweeter and mid-woofer yourself.First check to see that it is the tweeter and not the crossover. Buy a cheap tweeter from ... 
Anyone into GOMEZ?
I have one of their live's not bad.Saw some more in the used section yesterday and might have to go back to get them. 
High level input
Congratulations!You two have just won the Golden Propeller Hat Award! have yet to get it "goldened" but I assure you that it is in the works (right after cryo-treatment).:) 
A turntable around $250?