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Vimberg Speakers
Currently have focal sopra 2’s powered by audio research ref 160m’s and a audio research ref 6 preamp.Still kinda looking, but I’m 80% sure I’m going to order the vimberg Tondas. Going to make my final decision after Axpona in April. Have listened... 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
The Detroit area still has a few really good brick and mortar shops.Audio Dimensions, in Royal OakDavid Michael Audio, in Royal OakParagon in Ann Arbor not all mass market at all 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
That’s great new!!! 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
9rw, glad stereo exchange got back to you. Don’t forget you can always contact ARC directly. In the past they have always been very helpful with me. 
Problem with Ref 5SE
I agree with testpilot, only two things could be the answer.1. The unit was damaged in shipping. Considering that the unit was shipped with the tubes still in the unit it is entirely possible that this was the cause. 2. The problem was already a i... 
What’s the most badass $2k amp I can get?
I agree with audioman58Audia Flight FL Three S Integrated Amplifier I was selling a my audio research gsi75 intergraded amp, and had packed it up. My deal for my new (to me) 160m mono blocks was going to take a few more weeks and my local audio st... 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
REF6 retail is 15kREF6SE Retail is 17k 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
Just bought (used) a ref 6 eight days ago. Also bought a (used) pair of ref 160M’s. I was using a GSi75 intergraded before. I am super happy with my purchase. And super happy with sound quality. It’s my dream system. Not upset at all with not know... 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
I just read on another forum “In January, ARC will make available a REF6SE Upgrade kit, consisting of vastly improved and higher quality capacitors, internal wiring, and a few other parts. The SE Upgrade kit price will be announced at that time.Fo... 
Does the 'Buck' Start with the DAC?
I’m in the camp of it all matters. But my digital front end is 36% streamer64% DAC Innuos zenith mkiii Aqua La Scala mk2 optologic.But it’s what worked for me. Tried more than a few DACs and streamers. But that’s part of the fun of it for me. Look... 
Audio research ref 160M vs ref 250SE
Bids,decided to go with the 160m. Had not heard the ref 250se in quite a while and was wondering if the extra power would be missed. But your input about tube replacement and auto bias confirmed what I was already leaning towards. I have to travel... 
Streamer recommendations
If you can find a innuos zen mini mk2, it would be a great choice. The mk2 doesn’t have a DAC. The mkiii has a DAC in it. I used a zen mini for a while. Great unit. Sq is better than the node and you should be able to get it used for close to the ... 
Audio research ref 160M vs ref 250SE
BFI,Thank you for the input. Even though I just paid over 1k for a replacement tube set from audio research for my gsi75 intergraded amp, I hadn’t given tube replacement cost much thought. That’s enough to convince me to go with the 160m’s . Also ... 
B&W 802D3 or B&W 803D3
What size room are you in ?what do you feel like you are not getting from the 803’s ? 
VPI's new "Vanquish" Ultra High-End turntable is a STUNNER!
+1 slaw