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What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
JAY-Z unplugged 
Greatest rhythm sections
Not jazz or rock, but a great rhythm section. The Fania All-Stars. They were considered some of the best Latin Music performers in the world at the time. The original lineup consisted of: Band Leaders; Ray Barretto, Joe Bataan, Willie Colon, Larry... 
Upgraded to Tidal today
I have the hifi version of tidal. Started with the free 30 day trial just before Christmas. I run thru a few devices in my home and in the car.  At home in my main system I use my oppo 105.  The system in our family room uses a Mac book and a musi... 
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Technics SL-200 (High school and college) Not totally sure of the model number, but I think this was it.Sony PS-X55 (once I got into the work force)Some where around 1986 I went to CD's for years, but in 2005 I bought the PhilipsPhilips 212Thorens... 
What's your latest album purchase?
Picked up over the weekend Rush - Moving Pictures (from local record store)Atlantic Jazz - 12 album box set (three of the albums are double LP's) This is fantastic. it was less than $60.00 including shipping. Atlantic Jazz Box Set 15 x LP Atlantic... 
Upgrade Opinions, Thorens vs VPI
helomech,To be honest the cart upgrade could be where I got the biggest bang.  But i do love looking at the classic :)Thank you for the input.  Always appreciated 
What's your latest album purchase?
Bill Evans "live at the Top of The Gate" Box set, VinylJackie Mclean "Destination" VinylLed Zeppelin "Greatest Hits Box set", Vinyl 
Upgrade Opinions, Thorens vs VPI
Well I pulled the trigger on a VPI classic 2 with a VPI zephyr high output cart. Purchased it from Music Direct.  They set up the cart for me.  Got it set up on Saturday.  I was running a Thorens TD-160 with a REGA / J.A. MICHELL RB303 TONEARM upg... 
Upgrade Opinions, Thorens vs VPI
I would also like to hear a review of the Classic vs the Thorens.  I have a Thorens TD-160 with a REGA / J.A. MICHELL RB303 TONEARM upgrade and a Denon DL-103R.  Runing thru Mcintosh mc-352 x 2 and Mcintosh C-50, Martin Logan Montis speakersHave b... 
Recently re-discovered or newly discovered music in your current "heavy rotation"
David Bowie - Young Americans ( re-discovered)Diana Krall - Stepping out (New) 
Whats playing on your system today?
Jond,Love me some Soulive !!!!!! 
Desperately needed quality amp stands!!
Just bought a stand from Audio Vault USA.  Love it. They also sell a Amp stand that (after I save a few more dollars) I will buy two of in the next two months.  I added the link so you can look at