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Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market
Gallo Reference 3.5 w/ the additional subwoofer amp to power the 2nd voice coil would light up your room. They come up once in a while here and on US audio mart. One of my favorite top end and low extension speakers.   
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
Charlie Parker - Box set on Verve    
Acoustic Curtain for listening area
Don’t be so quick to rule out “cheap” IKEA  stuff. I helped a friend build his room and the heavy black out curtains are well made and did the trick , unless you insist on spending thousands.  
Just got a new Bluesound Node. Very disappointed!
Check the sound settings. It may be that you’re on the “subwoofers” setting which high passes your speakers. I had this problem as well. If it’s on turn it off  
I’ve been happy with my Cullen Cables. Started with just the amp. My girlfriend noticed immediately, and doesn’t pay all that much attention to audio. I then bought  cables for my preamp and streamer. They’re right at your price point, and very ea... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
I have at least 4 systems(two of which not assembled yet) second system: Spatial M3 turbo s, Wilsenton R8, Rel t7, Throens TD 166, Lounge Audio LCR III.    everyone needs a couple systems to capitalize on what they do best. One for jazz and smal... 
Who actually heard the Infinity IRS?
I have heard the IRS Vs at PS audio. The sound was effortless regardless of spls. I found nothing objectionable about the mid range. Quite the opposite actually. In the room I heard them, they have since moved them to a different room/location, I ... 
Would appreciate a group consensus on Agon purchased amps
Order some budget cables from Cullen Cables. Inexpensive and are a step up from stock cables  
Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
Consider offerings from Spatial Audio Labs and Clayton Shaw. They do need a little room to breath, but are excellent value and have a generous trial period. Detail for days without being fatiguing. Older models come up once in a while. I have the ... 
A budget power cord has speed and transparent but not overly bright.
+1 on Cullen Cablesno frills and affordable. This is the only “tweak” she’s ever heard first time round. Disclaimer- I have not tried any other PCs. But once I heard them on my amp I bought a full loom of them.  
Subwoofer Connection: Speaker Level Amp to Line Level on Sub?
I had a friend build me a little adapter like the one linked above. Essentially it’s a handful in f resistors in series. Pretty easy. a small price and Bob’s your uncle! 
100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids
While I have never owned one, the LFD amps, while expensive, I think are a true value and produce everything you are talking about. I have listened to a couple of different versions of these amps with different power ratings but all had that certa... 
Budget Phono preAmp
I have both the Schiit mentioned above. Tons and f settings to accommodate any cart.. and cheap. I also have a Lounge Audio LCR and have been very pleased with it 
Loudest Sound Ever?
Bassnectar show at Red Rocks 2017.. peaks at 110 dbs.. Made Red Rocks change their rules on volume and Bassnectar was banned for life..  
How many dealers do you use?
One for weed, two for audio