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Speaker Audition
+1 on Spatial Audio. They have an open baffle horn hybrid.  
Opening Record Store
Oh Millercarbon.     Your thumbnail pic explains you...., YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!!.. and probably probably a really stable one... but to the OP , $10k will buy some great speakers, think used Wilsons!!  
I've been dragged to recommendations, kicking and screaming
Tidal is owned by Jay-Z .. which is why you get hip-hop/rap suggestions... I get them as well..  
Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1Thanks Roy!!!! 
CD Spinners Help Needed: Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Enlightened Audio Design T 1000
What DAC are you using? 
CD Spinners Help Needed: Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Enlightened Audio Design T 1000
Ovinewari helped a friend create a system recently and I gifted the Pioneer to him, keeping the EAD For myself. I believe the EAD has a more laid back presentation and it has a remote which the Pioneer did not.  
Rebuild or new cartridge with my zeta tonearm
I actually bought schiit’s entry level oh I.. which has all kinds of settings for a range of carts. I believe it will do LOMC. I guess I’ve never been sold on MC as they all seem so expensive.. but I do have preamp 
Rebuild or new cartridge with my zeta tonearm
I think I would like to stay under $500. That is about what it will cost to get the Sumiko overhauled.. 
Rebuild or new cartridge with my zeta tonearm
@chakster the mass of the Zeta is 16 grams I believe. @mijostyn thanks for your thoughts I’ll look into those options 
Thoughts on SS bass. Tube mid and high tube pre
The Latin prefix for 21 is novemvigintiyou’re welcome Millercarbon 
IM Distortion, Speakers and the Death of Science
My Dad can beat up your Dad!!! Nuh huh... my dad can beat up your Dad...nuh huh..., (ibid) 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
I would go into someone’s home and move their Ming Dynasty Vase to suit my aesthetic preferences... But she was probably not aware that just one of those speakers is nearly $20k... glad nothing was damaged... nice speakers  btw 
What Possessed Me to Do This?
My departed Father, who was first a pragmatist, second an economist, and third a philosopher always told me that unless your buying hangliders, airplanes, or hot air balloons, buy the heaviest version, it’s probably the highest quality. I haven’t ... 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
I have had several transactions with them. I can’t speak to shipping as I am local and prefer to pick up. Never any problems with communication and gear is always as advertised.  
Mmmm Crow tastes good...
As a less than deep pocket gear enthusiast myself there is a very good sounding sub from pioneer designed by Andrew Jones. For the money it’s very very good. Pioneer Elite SW-10 mk2... bought one for a friend for a system and was blown away by the...