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Programmable remotes
I use a Logitech. Had to use the learning feature for BAT, NAD, and Wyred 4 Sound components but that works well because I can remotely control obscure features like dimming displays, changing phase, etc. If I remember correctly the Arcam CD funct... 
Are two smaller subs better than one larger?
I went from one large to two smaller ones and prefer the pair by a large margin. The biggest improvement for me was in the soundstage rather than just in bass quality. My system is for music only, no HT. 
why do we argue?
At the moment we have a thread with Disappointing Albums of 2012, and another something like Best Rock Album of 2012. There are several albums that appear on both lists. It doesn't seem to make sense that we could be as far apart on the technical ... 
why use towers if you've got a sub??
Baranowski, sorry-you just kind of hit my funny bone when you steered the discussion back to the intended subject and you couldn't hear me chuckling when I replied. Maybe you could help out with the "Fuses that matter" thread. (Chuckling again-hop... 
Fuses that matter.
Did anybody else like the box the Hifi Tuning Supreme came in as much as me? 
why use towers if you've got a sub??
Ray,I also arrived at this post without realizing that it was home theater. It is right there at the top though now that I'm here. I have to admit in years of hanging out here I never looked or cared or realized the category was there. I didn't kn... 
Nad M3? Need amp for Vandersteen 3 $3,000 budget
The NAD M3 would be punchy, substantial, and powerful with a large and deep soundstage. Smooth. Probably not the last word in air and high frequency detail but that could be a good thing if you have a reflective listening space. It also has tone c... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Tonywinsc,Could be a perfect automotive analogy. Fuel injection is mostly right all the time and extremely dependable but the most perfect running motor vehicle I ever had was a carbureted '88 BMW R100GS motorcycle and it absolutely purred. Power ... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Sumflow, I agree with mid engine concept. In 1976 my best bud had a Fiat X1/9 and we worked it with Abarth suspension, intake, and exhaust upgrades. It still had way less than a hundred horses but that was no comfort to the 'Vette driver chasing u... 
For money Quality which is better arcam or NAD?
In terms of reliability both brands have a good reputation so I think you are free to choose between them based on other criteria that are important to you like sound, features, looks, etc. I have owned both brands and never had any problems. 
Best beer
Favorite name is Arrogant Bastard Ale. Plus the label blatantly insults fans of Bud and Coors by stating "Perhaps youÂ’re mouthing your words as you read this." 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
And your Corvair. 
Which cost more: your system or your car?
I just sold my fancy hotrod luxury SUV and replaced it with a 10 year old pickup truck so now my stereo cost is higher than my car. Nice to put leftover cash in the bank but might feel weird to tell a non-audiophile that my stereo indeed cost more... 
Acoustic Zen Adagios help.
I haven't heard many different subs but I can tell you that going from one sub to two was a worthwhile upgrade for me. I would get one for now and save for a second one. You might be very happy with the first one and leave it at that. 
Acoustic Zen Adagios help.
Chip,I run two subs with my Adagios and the combo works really well in my setup. When I first got the Adagios I thought I was going to run them w/o subs (I already had the subs that I used with my BE-718's) but after a while was missing something-...