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Wilson Sophias and Jolida Integrated
Where do you go after a Dynaudio C1 ?
Wilson Audio Duette. You may not like my suggestion as our tastes may differ. I auditioned the Magico v3 I believe and it did not energize the room or bring anything to life for me. Perhaps their new offerings are better or I just had a bad experi... 
Pink Floyd The Wall--Which vinyl?
Thanks for the responses. Some good information to follow up on. Sonofjim, I am inherently lazy but I will probably do as you suggest and listen to a few versions to see what I like best including the new remaster (which I think is based on a high... 
Wilson Audio sophia 3 or Watt Puppy 6
ricred1,Congratulations. What color did you get? 
Wilson Audio sophia 3 or Watt Puppy 6
Ricred1,I was wondering where you were in this process. I know how hard it can be to pull the trigger on such a large purchase. I also know how much harder it is when the item that you covet is at the top or even out of your price range. I wish yo... 
CD direct to monobloks?
03-12-12: WestbornA quality tube preamp is the most important component in the audio chain.I had this experience when I upgraded to a Nagra PL-L last year. 
"Kisses on the Bottom" by Paul McCartney
I think Paul should stop singing live. Every time I here him on sing live on TV he sounds horrible. He's a legend and I do not want his legacy tarnished by goofy "old man" performances. Gdoodle, I have read several mention that NY's latest LP is e... 
looking for advice on bookshelf speakers
Wow. I feel sorry for you guys/gals. I hope hat you can find something that is pleasing to listen to. 
Wilson Sophia III vs Sasha
Ricred1,I look forward to reading about your experience as well. Where are you auditioning the Rockport Mira?BTW, I did not forget about the pictures. I took them and i will email them tonight! Sorry for the delay but father in law had heart attac... 
Mono blocks that can provide that golden sound...
I like the Ayre MX-R. I do not have any experience with the Pass so I could not give you a comparison and I do no know if it will work with your pre.However, the MX-R needs to be warmed up as well. I can listen to them when turning on from standby... 
Wilson Sophia III vs Sasha
Ricred1,I will take pictures and email as soon as I can. 
New to Turntable - what're involved in playing LP?
Hifihvn- "But, a lot of people going from CD to vinyl, usually complain about it being flat, lacking bass, plus other things. I grew up with records and know what to expect. "This is an interesting statement as I have experienced the exact opposit... 
Wilson Sophia III vs Sasha
Rick,Talk to Casey about the Rives. He can help you. Also, most if not all of your treatments can be home made at a considerable savings. I can email you pictures of my room if you like.Brian 
Hi Fi Dealers in NYC - where to find them?
Innovative Audio is great. I stopped by there on a visit about two years ago. I spoke with Elliott for some time. He was really a good guy. I stopped by another shop but they have since closed. I really can't remember the name but I auditioned the... 
Watt/puppy with Quicksilver M-135 amps
Bgordonr, check out the Nagra VPS. Not sure what your budget is.