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Speakers and system for compressed recordings?
"Crines of the Century" compressed? My Speakers Corner LP sounds amazing. I do understand your pain with compression but I find that some recent rock music is compressed and a fair amount of late 70's to 80's stuff is really hard to listen to. Som... 
anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6
"I have heard the MXRs and they are fantastic, more dynamic range and extension. However, I agree with my dealer that the V5xe has a very desirable warmth that we do not hear as much of with the mono mxrs."WHAT CHU TALKIN BOUT WILLIS??? 
anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6
I am sorry that your experience was less than ideal. I have always had great experience with Ayre and their customer support. That said, if I had a problem on a 10k player my first call would have been to my dealer. I know he would have taken care... 
Most significant upgrade
Jimbojrjb,You need to have Rives Audio analyze your room. They will draft a plan for your room. Most if not all of the recommendations can be done yourself. I did Rives Level 2 and it completely transformed my room. I think this is a much better a... 
15A or 20A Power Cord
Lenny_zwik,Did you change the fuses in your Nagra PL-L? Are there any fuses inside? I have not checked it out. 
15A or 20A Power Cord
Quanmer,Sorry but I did not see your post until today. Hopefully you have purchased the hi-fi tuning fuses by now, if not, I echo Lenny_zwik's observations. I have the gold plate fuses. They sound great. I do not have any experience with the other... 
q3 magico
I have had the same experience Stringreen. The M5 is decent but at the price there are many better options imo. That said I have not heard the Q line so it may be quite nice. 
Great lost lps...the 80s....synth pop and others..
Most of the bands listed below, while having strong techno influence, were definitely not pop. This was in serious rotation back in college days along with much of the above. Section 25Propaganda,The Clan of XymoxFront 242Tack-HeadMinistryNitzer E... 
Red light went on on one of my Ayre MX-R amps
I unplugged ny MX-R's last night. Blue to green when turned to stand by. When unplugged I think they switched to Red=>violet=>orange=>green (I think)=>nothing. 
Red light went on on one of my Ayre MX-R amps
please post your findings as I have the MX-R and I am curious. 
sibilence....any cures out there?
swampdog, Jylee is on to something. What kind of music do you listen to? Some sibilance is natural. On rock and pop recordings I hear a lot of processing of female vocals. See Adele for recent example. WTF they do that for? 
who makes auto biasing tube amps w/200 wpc
Blindjim,Why do you need 200wpc when your speakers are 93db?Just curious. 
Noobie. Vinyl reissues. Am I expecting too much?
After being out of vinyl for 25 years I can understand how some my have trouble adapting to some of the imperfections of vinyl. Warping, noise and the occasional bad pressing. The only thing that really pisses me off is a when a company puts out a... 
Amps for Sasha
I have the Sasha and I can tell you that the Nagra PL-L and the Ayre MX-R is a very nice combination. I have been told that the Nagra VPA is also quite nice if you want to go all tube. I have also heard Naim with the Sasha and it was very nice. 
A warning to all about HUGE Subwoofers
Guys all he did was play a test tone. Yes, synths will get you to 10hz or lower i guess. BTW, I doubt even in rap and electronica/synth has that much info at 10hz.