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Were My Speakers Damaged ?
parisphoto,Unfortunately I have experienced the same event. I keep my source equipment and preamp in a closet out of view. I like to do my listening in very dark conditions and I inadvertently turned up the volume when I thought I was turning it d... 
amp or preamp most important
I do not know what the difference in cost of this versus 5 ch amp. What he is saying may sound a little better but I do not know for sure. I am very familiar with Ayre and this is indeed a nice pre/amp combination. I would imagine that the dealers... 
equating class A to class AB SS amps?
Speaking of SS amps....Does anyone know the class A bias for Ayre MX-r amp? 
Ayre KX-R or Krell 202 with Martin Logans
I do not find the KX-R to be to forward or trebly but i have not heard it with Krell amps. I have not auditioned the Nagra PL-L but I have heard good things. I plan on auditioning in the future.I really think you need to listen for yourself with y... 
Ayre K1xe vs First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II
stringreen- I am curious what other cables you have compared the anti-cables to. I have read some good reviews. Thanks. 
Ayre K1xe vs First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II
shsosis,Ditch being an audiophile and just be a music lover, unless of course you enjoy torture. 
new Magico speakers the Q5
I listened to V3 and M5's speakers and the sound was like I was listening to music through speakers. I was very disappointed based on all the reviews and hoopla on boards such as this. 
Speakers to compare to Dynaudio Confidence C4
I would try to audition as many of the speakers listed above as possible. I would also suggest Vandersteen 5a and Areil Acoustics 20T v2. These are all very good speakers, 
New Wadia 381i vs Puccini
Msw1, The DCS Puccini does not have a USB input unless you buy the U-clock. There is a digital SPDIF input but this does not sound as good as cd play because the digital input does not up sample to DSD, at least on my player. I think there is an u... 
New Wadia 381i vs Puccini
Are you looking for CD only or CD and other formats like SACD? 
direct or not?
keiserrg,I know this thread is old so perhaps this is not of interest to you any longer but I have DCS Puccini, ayre k5xe, ayre mxr and wilson audio Sasha w/p. I sent my K5xe in for upgrade and I have been listening to DCS direct to ayre mx-r. The... 
I would love it if they came out with BD-DVD video only player. 
Upgrading from Wilson Sophia 2's?
I used Rives and I think the cost was about $2,000 and I received plans with where to place treatments and the type of treatments needed. The plans include schematics of how to build the treatments. Most of the treatments are not complicated and n... 
Upgrading from Wilson Sophia 2's?
Madfloyd,Perhaps your problem is not your equipment but either or all of the following: 1) listening position, 2) speaker placement or 3) room acoustics. Have you considered hiring a consultant to help you design the appropriate room treatments an... 
Wilson Maxx 2 vs Sonus Faber Stradivari
spatine,I have listened to Maxx 3 driven by CJ tube equipment and the Maxx's sounded unbelievable. The CJ's were not delivering 400w so I do not get why the dealer made that statement. I have w/p 8 driven by Ayre mx-r and they sound great and I th...