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Whats playing on your system today?
The Modern Jazz Quartet - Concorde. Originally recorded in 1955, Re-release/remastered from original analog tapes by Prestige. Released? Mid-80’s?Cassette tapeGreat album, and tape. Sounds great. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Harrison/Blanchard - Black Peal. Columbia. 1988.Cassete tape. Giving the Nak some play time. 
Trying to fix specific issues with my listening area
Just my 2 cents.MC is correct about AV receivers for critical listening. I have one, a Yamaha V781. As it has pre-outs, first I finally tried a separate B&K amp to power the fronts, that helped sweeten the sound when in two channel, but I was ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Wayne Shorter - The Best of Wayne Shorter. Blue Note. Recordings from 1964-1967. Released 1988Cassette tape 
What should you hear?
Play with some room treatments. I have 2CE Sigs, and that helped out the soundstage and imaging a lot, even on recordings that were mastered in an extreme R&L way, as was unfortunately typical for some early stereo recordings, such as your old... 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
My my biggest challenge with the 2C’s is getting them to ’disappear’ as well as you can the 1C’s. That is important to me. Do they? Well no, not as easy as the 1C’s in my space, but after much fussing with placement, they are pretty close (source ... 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
I have my 2CE I's in a room approx. 12'-6" x 17'-0". Personally have no problem with their size or output. When I had the chance to put my 1C's back in place, (as mentioned), it was an interested exercise, as I also wondered if they worked better ... 
Most enduring audio purchase
Although, they are not currently active, but occasionally get used for one reason or another, my Polk 5 Jr’s I bought in 79-80...can’t remember exactly. I have none of the old equipment from that time except the Polks, and will probably have them ... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend. From my server. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Herbert Blomstedt conducts ‘The Symphonies of Carl Nielsen’, (boxset), Symphonies 4,5, &6. Danish Radio Orchestra. Seraphim. 1975. 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
Not a problem, and good luck. 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
I have a pair of older 1C’s, not the newest versions, and they are great for the money (paid about $325 shipped). I was immediately pleased with them when first played; they just sounded ‘right’ to me. It was my first personal experience with Vand... 
Whats playing on your system today?
@uberwaltz Agreed. Not sure why, but my tapes are always an afterthought, but I do have a decent collection from back in the day, and some are incredibly good. As example, many of the Jazz I have on tape were made and mastered really well, like th... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Sticking with tape...Ray Brown Trio w/Gene Harris and Jeff Hamilton. BAM BAM BAM, recorded live at the Jazz Festival Japan ‘88. Concord Jazz Inc. 1989.Dang, the Nakamichi and these tapes sound pretty darn nice tonight. Putin a smile on my mug. 
Best debut album
I kinda mentioned Tiny Tim ‘tongue and cheek’, but when you think back to when it was released, it made quite the impression....nobody knew quite what to think, and he became an over night oddball success. Everyone took notice, young and old.