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Tube Amp Questions
Hey Arvin I say this with all sincerity if you don’t audition the PrimaLuna components you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. I have owned and auditioned several tube and solid state gear the past 20 years and nothing has brought the musi... 
Magnepan's 1.7i c/w 2 DWM bass panels v 3.7i
Depending on your room size the 3.7i's without the DWM base modules would be the way to go. IMHO stay away from class D amps with the 3.7i and 20.7i's. I had a REF 5SE preamp with some ARC DS450M ($12k) mono-blocks and couldn't get the magic that ... 
Magnepan 3.7i with two (2) DWMs with Pass Labs XA100.5
What size is your listening room? As I have a 18x21x12 room and also purchased the DWM panels but found with my setup it sounds better without the base modules. Mine you I use a tube amp with 195wpc. 
Magnepan 20.7's & Tube Amp
@kalali I have a upgrade option for the 20.7i and I plan on using it so my interest in getting this question answered was twofold. So this weekend I went to my local retailer and heard the 20.7i with 10ft of transparent cables using ARC 250SE mono... 
Magnepan 20.7's & Tube Amp
@gdnrbob I don’t doubt it but I’m going to trust and believe Wendel Diller. I also have no desire to cut a pair $8k cables to prove a point. 
Magnepan 20.7's & Tube Amp
I Just spoke to Wendell Diller at Magnepan and reducing the speaker cables has zero affect unless your running 15-20ft of cable. I don't know why we get all this misinformation on Maggies. I use tubes 110w and they rock. I traded in my ARC DS450M ... 
Audio Research Ref. 3, Ref. 5, or the Ref. 5se.
I'm torn between buying a REF 5 or the Ayre KX-5 Twenty. I have ARC DS-450M. Seeking some advice?Tony