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Best used Redbook CDP for 1700
Resolution Audio CD55 or CD50, the CD55 is better but costs a few hundred more. 
Sony DVP-S9000ES Sound Quality...etc....
This player sounds great as is - forget about the modifications! Also, it will probably void your 5 year ES warranty. 
Good, Inexpensive CD w. Volume control?
Try to find a Resolution Audio CD50 - great player with volumn control and balanced outs (true balanced circuitry) but probably closer to $1500 used ($3000 new). 
The best CD Player for the money
The Resolution Audio CD55 gets my vote for the top spot. For a lot less money and close performance, listen to a Thule - it's very good. 
Krell versus Levinson experience
I'm not surprised - the Levinson 334, 335 and 336 are perhaps the very best amplifiers available (at least in the under $10,000 range). 
Best DVD player in $500-$1000 Range
Go to at the following address: . It offers numerous 'in depth' reviews on a variety of different players. The reviews from 'Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity' conta... 
Tara Labs Master Generation-2
Dave, I have TARA Lab Master Gen II interconnects & speaker cables (bi-wired) and I really like them. I also have TARA Lab Decades and cannot tell much of a difference - they are not worth the price difference over the Master Gen II. There is ... 
Why lots of B&W Nautilus for sale used?
I agree with Dan2112 - I have Nautilus 802 speakers spaced about 9' apart and they sound great. These speakers replaced a pair of Matrix 802 Series III speakers. The Matrix 802 speakers are good but the Nautilus is superior and worth the increase. 
Krell FPB200 or Levinson 334 ?
The Levinson 334 is a GREAT amp - it has excellent bass and sounds somewhat analog in the mids and highs (the best of both worlds). It is also a very good match with B&W speakers. To me the Krell is more 'digital' or harsh sounding (I have not... 
Balanced or single ended with Res.CD-55?
I have tried both and could not hear a difference - I use TARA Labs Decade balanced interconnects (Master Gen II sound as good for less $). 
Best and Worst customer service?
Both Bryston and Mark Levinson are amoung the very best! 
Anybody heard the Resolution CD55?
The CD55 represents a slight improvement over the CD50 (which is a great player). It is somewhat more refined and smoother overall. While the midrange on both is very similar, the CD55 has the edge in the high end. The CD55 has a little less bass ... 
Recommend CD Player with Volume Control
The Resolution Audio CD50 is the best in the market anywhere near your $2000 price. 
Best used class A amp with Wadia 860x
I have not had the opportunity to listen to the Rowland amps but I have the Mark Levinson, Plinius, and Pass Labs X350. I also have B&W speakers - the Nautilus 802. The Pass Labs X350 is not a good match with B&W speakers - too bright soun... 
What the heck is Resolution Audio
The CD 50 is, if not the best sounding CD player, at least one of the top two or three. I bought one after talking to a couple of people in New York who went from their Wadia 860s to the Resolution Audio CD 50 after a month long listing period. It...